The expression of interest system allows prospective applicants to fill out an electronic form providing details about their career history and other eligibility factors. This form is called an “expression of interest.” The forms are extremely technical and are also fairly long covering close to a hundred pages.

If an applicant meets certain eligibility criteria, the applicants’ EOI will be placed on a list with other prospective applicants who all have a similar career history. Individuals on a list together will be ranked according to their eligibility criteria and country’s labour market needs.

The eligibility criteria are clearly defined based on input from federal and provincial governments to reflect the ever-changing needs of the country’s labour market.

The expression of interest can be filled only after completion of English tests and necessary technical evaluations. Once an application is filed, the applicant has to wait for an invitation from the respective government. The timeline for receiving an invitation varies from applicant to applicant and depends on the overall score. Applicants are hence advised to maximize their scores so as to increase their chances.

Please note: Processes are subject to change from time to time. Please consult our team to confirm the process details before taking any decision.