If a candidate is applying for permanent residence, he or she must have an immigration medical exam. Immediate family members must also have a medical exam.

The candidate must see certain specified doctors. A candidate cannot choose their own doctors for the medical exam.

The panel physician will do a complete medical exam. They may refer the candidate for chest x-rays and laboratory tests. Once the exam is done, the physician will send the results directly to the immigration authorities.

The panel physician does not make the final decision about the medical exam. That decision is made by the relevant authorities. If there is a problem with the medical exam, the candidate will be contacted in writing.

An upfront medical exam is also possible in some cases. Once the medical exam is done, the doctor will provide a document confirming that the medical exam was completed. This can be included with the application.

What to bring

A candidate must carry the following to the medical test:

  • proper identification,
  • eye glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them, and
  • any medical reports or test results that you have regarding previous or existing medical conditions

The candidate must also carry four recent photographs.

The candidate must pay fees related to the medical exam.

The medical exam results are valid for 12 months only.

If a candidate wishes for a copy of the medical exam, please ask the doctor for the same. Medical reports and x-rays for the medical exam become the property of the immigration authorities and are not returned.

Please note: Processes are subject to change from time to time. Please consult our team to confirm the process details before taking any decision.