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It’s been more than two year since the introduction of the Canada Express Entry Visa but still there are certain misconceptions regarding the Express Entry program.

We are going to learn the facts about the Canada Express Entry Program:

1. Not everyone can apply for this program

One of the biggest misconception is that people think they can apply to the express entry regardless of age or skills. This isn’t true. A candidate has to be eligible for one of the three economic immigration categories:

2. A job offer isn’t necessary

You don’t need to have a job offer to get the Express Entry Visa. If you’re an applicant in the Express Entry Pool, you will be given points and a rank using the CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System. Under this system, you would be awarded a maximum point of 1200 points out of which 600 points are awarded if you have a qualifying job offer or the provincial nomination certificate.

3. There is no “Eligible Occupation List”

The candidates are often confused whether their profession is listed under the occupation list of the Express Entry Program. The fact is, there is no such list at all!

Aspiring applicants have to show that they have at least one year’s professional paid work experience in a skilled occupation at some point in the last 10 years. National Occupation Classification (NOC) has certain job codes which are split by skills and level, so, you can check whether your occupation is classified as skilled or not.

Note: It’s not right to fill in your express entry application even if your occupation is not classified as skilled. Always be sincere in applying for the Visa.

4. Keep all your documents ready

It’s always better safe than sorry. After receiving your ITA or the Invitation to Apply, candidates often get relaxed and think they have a lot of time to gather all the required documents and submit. But this is a wrong notion. Gathering all the documents according to the satisfactory standard (as far as the immigration authorities are concerned). It requires collecting many personal documents, Educational credentials, Work References and letters, and many more accurately completed forms and to the point.

5. Language test is compulsory

Many people think that they do not have to take any language tests for the Express Entry but that is not the case. The Canadian Immigration Authorities have confirmed that the aspiring candidates must demonstrate their language proficiency either French or English (Official Languages of Canada). And we highly recommend you to take the language test if you want to enter the Canadian Express Entry Pool.

6. Do not Misrepresent any information

Never lie or give false information regarding your Education or Work Experience in order to get your chances up in the Express Entry Pool. This way you will be risking your immigration chances if you get caught. The Canadian Government is quite strict when it comes to processing the application and the false information will be detected easily. The penalty for misrepresentation is increased from two years to five years of inadmissibility alongside a 5-year ban to enter Canada.

7. You can update your profile

The Express Entry Online Profile can be updated every now and then. In fact, you will be encouraged to keep your profile updated, as any changes in your overall profile will add more points in the CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System.

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  1. ingersal

    September 11, 2017 at 10:36 am

    this is Mr.Ingersal from india. my NOC is 1241.am i eligible for any PNP program without job offer? now my application is in pool.can someone advice?


    • ISA Global

      October 9, 2017 at 5:34 pm

      Thanks for you comment, please send us your resume at info at isaglobal dot in to get an expert call


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