Are you prepared for Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program?

Are you prepared for Canada's Parents and Grandparents Program

Canada will revive its Parents and Grandparents sponsorship program next Monday to Expressions of interest and Invitations to Apply to the program will be issued on a first-in, first-served basis.

This implies the speedier you can motivate your Interest to Sponsor submission, the better your chances might be of inspiring a challenge to apply to support your parents and grandparents for permanent living arrangement in Canada through the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP).

IRCC says the Interest to Sponsor form should possibly take around 10 minutes to finish in case you have all the vital data and reports prepared to get ahead.

Keeping this in view, here’s an introduction on how the Expression of Interest process functions and the data that is required so you can get straight down to business when the form goes live.

What? When? Where?

The initial phase in the sponsorship procedure is to complete an Interest to Sponsor form. This isn’t an application to the PGP, however rather lets Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) realize that you might want to support your parents and grandparents for a permanent home in Canada.

The Interest to Sponsor form will be made accessible at 12 p.m. next Monday, January 28, on IRCC’s site and will stay accessible until a set number of finished structures are received. Invitations to apply to the PGP will at that point be issued to qualified potential sponsor until IRCC’s 2019 top of 20,000 complete applications is met.

Who is qualified?

Any individual who is a Canadian citizen or permanent occupant of Canada and who is beyond 18 years old can support their parents and grandparents.

Every single interested sponsor should affirm that they have the required income for the number of relatives they’ll be supporting monetarily.

What comprises a total Interest to Sponsor form?

A total Interest to Sponsor form requires the below data:

  • The interested sponsor family name and given name(s) precisely as it is composed on the confirmation of status in Canada document they should submit alongside the Interest to Sponsor form.
  • Interested sponsor’s date of birth.
  • The nation or domain where the interested sponsor was born.
  • The interested sponsor’s primary residential location (where they live), street number, road name, postal code, region or domain.
  • The interested sponsor’s email address.
  • The number of relatives in the interested sponsor’s nuclear family.
  • The complete number of people to be supported, including their wards (life partner, accomplice, and youngsters)
  • Names of the guardians and grandparents who might be supported.
  • Date of birth of the guardians and grandparents who might be supported.
  • The interested sponsor’s evidence of status with regards to Canada document number.
  • The interested sponsor’s electronic signature (they should type in their name).

On the off chance that IRCC welcomes you to apply, you can give your refreshed data in your application. You should give a letter clarifying any progressions alongside evidence of the changes.

Confirmation of Status in Canada

The confirmation of status in Canada prerequisite has been added to the Interest to Sponsor process for 2019.

Alongside the evidence of status document number recorded above, interested sponsors should transfer an electronic (computerized) duplicate of their verification of status report. IRCC says that requiring every single potential support to present this record will enable them “to identify duplication and possible fraud inside the framework.”

IRCC will acknowledge lapsed status in Canada documents for the motivations behind the Interest to Sponsor form.

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