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A person with an Australian Subclass 190 Visa can live and work anywhere in Australia.  Eligible family members of the primary applicant can be included in the visa application.

The Australian Independent Subclass 190 visa also demands an Expression of Interest be filed with SkillSelect if a person wants to apply for an Australian Permanent Resident Status. A candidate must score at least 60 points to become eligible for the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass190).

State Sponsorship Australia

To meet the requirements for this visa, a candidate’s occupation must fall in one of the lists under the Australian occupation lists. A candidate must also score a minimum of 60 points in the Australian point system. The English language must be of a proficient level.

If you do not have a job offer or have dependents with you, and you want to move to Australia for a better standard of living and financial security, then Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 190) is the best option for you. This visa allows you to include all your family members, who are dependent on you in the visa application. To apply for this visa, a candidate must be below 50 years of age.

New State Sponsorship

Following is the process to obtain a New State Sponsorship:

  1. Submit your EOI or the Expression of Interest with DIBP or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

To be eligible to receive an Invitation to Apply, you must:

  • Submit an EOI stating that you are seeking nomination from a particular state or a territory;
  • Score at least 60 points in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Test;
  • Get your Skill Assessment is done that is relevant to your nominated occupation;
  • Demonstrate your English Language Skills in any of the approved English Language tests for Australia;
  • Be below 50 years of age;
  1. When you are selected, the immigration Authorities will contact you via SkillSelect along with a State Nomination Form, which you have to fill and submit;
  2. If you succeeded in the State Nomination Application process then the State or the Territory nominates you through SkillSelect.

Northern Territory State Sponsorship

Applying for a Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) with Northern Territory requires you to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Your nominated occupation must be listed on the State’s occupation list;
  • Skill assessment is required with an approved agency for the nominated occupation;
  • Fulfilling the state’s eligibility factors;
  • Getting the minimum score of 60 points in the DIBP or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s exam;
  • Providing documents related to your Health and Character conditions;
  • Making a commitment to living and working in the state for the first 2 years upon arriving in Australia after receiving your Permanent Resident Visa.
  • You must meet the Northern Territory criteria and work requirements if you are already living in Australia on a Work or a tourist visa.
  • Other NT Application requirements: Once you have fulfilled the basic criteria of the NT application, these are some more requirements that NT wants you to meet.
  • Providing them with your updated CV;
  • Proof of your previous employment history to attain a relevant Skills Assessment;
  • Provide an evidence that you have researched what it means to live and work in the Northern Territory and that you have a knowledge about the job market;
  • Proofs of your eligibility to fund your relocation to Northern Territory. The minimum amount that is required is $35,000 AUD for an Individual applicant, $50,000 AUD for an individual applicant and spouse, $60,000 AUD for an individual applicant, spouse and 1 child AND $65,000 AUD for an individual applicant, spouse and 2 children.

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