How one can benefit from gaining Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship is the talk of the town with approximately greater than 80% of those possessing a permanent residency status proceeding to further apply for Citizenship as they satisfy the desired criteria within the Maple country. This article informs potential candidates about the beneficial aspects of having this tag of being a Canadian Citizen.

The case scenario differs from individual to individual. One needs to also take into consideration certain external factors like alternate countries’ laws and regulations with respect to dual citizenship and tax payments. However, the boons are a lot more when discussing why exactly do so many people prefer gaining the status of Canadian Citizenship.

Dual Citizenship

The country isn’t against the concept of dual citizenship. This basically indicates that there is a high tolerance for those possessing two citizenship statuses, one within the Maple country and one being from their own.

Rights to Travel

Canada’s reputation on a global basis is beyond admirable. Citizens of the country are hence permitted to travel to almost any country around the world without the possession of a visa or they may even receive one right upon arrival. The majority of the European Union member countries form an exclusive part of this list, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Schengen countries.

Canada has been ranked 9th in comparison to a global list of about 199 passports of varying regions as per the statistics presented by the Henley and Partners Passport Index 2021, a metric responsible for ranking passports around the world on the basis of the ‘power’ they possess. This basically describes the ability withheld by such passport holders to travel to varied countries.

By possessing a Canadian passport, its holder also receives the exclusive right to enter the nation, reside within it or leave it, along with protection from the constitution.


Once an individual gets conferred upon the status of being a Canadian citizen, he/she need not undergo any separate task/activity in order to maintain that status. In retrospect, there has a clear difficulty demonstrated regarding the possible loss of this Canadian Citizenship as stated by the Trudeau government’s reforms in the year 2017.

Political Participation

As per the rules and regulations retained by the Canadian Constitution, only those possessing the status of being labeled as Canadian Citizens have the exclusive right to vote or even run for any position within the federal Parliament. In stark contrast to the laws within the United States of America, Canada isn’t opposed to someone barring the status of being born within the nation to proceed to become the head of the Government. Citizenship is a mandatory step to ensure complete participation within the Maple country’s democratic setup. 

Employment Opportunities

When discussing certain specific jobs having a sensitive outlook, namely those in governmental or security-related organizations, increased preference or sheer exclusivity is displayed towards those having the status of being citizens of the country.

Child-related Advantages

Canadian Citizenship status is completely transferable – meaning, one can pass it down to the next generations. This indicates that any individual born within the country automatically gets conferred the status of being a citizen. However, for those born outside of Canada, only a Canadian Citizen can don the same status over them.

Symbolic in Nature

Many groups of the general population believe that to completely embrace the fact of belonging to the Canadian Family, it’s important to gain exclusive rights to the nation’s citizenship. When participants along with their near and dear ones get involved in such events and ceremonies, these happen to be deeply moving and possessing a unique symbolism.

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