Canada or Australia? Which one should I consider for permanent residence?

Canada or Australia for PR

Canada and Australia, both countries are the popular destination for permanent residence. Which one to migrate is totally an individual’s choice! There are different factors which make both the countries different from each other. Here we have tried to compare different aspects of both the countries which might help you to make your choice.

Let’s see some major factors which are involved in making a decision while relocating to a different country.

Weather: Weather has an important role to play as it can change your decision from one country to other. Canada has harsh weather mostly in winters and is covered with snow, on the other hand, summers are pleasant and relaxing. Whereas, Australia’s weather being tropical is quite warm, sunny and pleasant throughout the year. But the summers are harsh and the UV radiations are a pain.

Employment: Canada has manufacturing industries and hence are able to provide jobs to most of the immigrants. While, Australia, on the other hand, has US IT firms with regional headquarters. So one can find IT-related jobs in Australia, but the procedure for finding jobs are different in both the countries. In Australia, you have been in the country to get the job, whereas in Canada the process is quite a smooth one can land in the country with a job offer in hand.

Cost of living: In Canada, to rent a house or own a house is cheaper than that of Australia. In Australia, housing prices are very high due to its high house taxes. Comparatively, other household items are also expensive in Australia compared to Canada.

Outdoor Life: If outdoors attracts you, then Australia is for you. Australia has a variety of nature which attracts mountains, beaches, wildlife and many other places. Canada has scenic beauty but one has to wait for the right weather to enjoy it.

Economy: Australia’s economy is more dependent on Asian countries, mainly China. Canada’s economy is stable but sometimes becomes shaky as it is dependent on the US. Canada is believed to be family oriented whereas Australia is highly competitive.

Diversity: Both Canada and Australia have immigrants from different parts of the world but you can find Indians, Chinese, Sri-Lankans and also Jamaicans in Canada. In Australia, you can find Thai, Lebanese and some American communities.

Application Processes: Canada has an easy immigration process than Australia. Both countries have point based processes and have different rules for eligibility and processing.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada or Australia, feel free to contact our advisors and get your eligibility checked. ISA Global is the leading immigration consultant in India and we have helped thousands of our clients to settle in countries like Canada and Australia.

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