Canada PR Visa – Scope and Changes in 2018

Canada PR Visa in 2018

Couldn’t apply for a Canadian PR Visa through Canada Express Entry last year? and wondering whether you can apply for it this year, then you’re right. It is a natural tendency or human behavior to be curious about the new changes in any policies that affect us. Especially when they are related to our dreams. Here is a good news for all the aspiring PR Visa applicants, the year 2018 looks better than last year with a better scope and good opportunities.

Canadian Immigration Policy for 2018

Just like every advanced country has made certain amendments to its policies, Canada is no exception in this regard, Canada has also made some crucial changes in its immigration policies. However, Canada is a different country which wants to invite some serious aspiring applicants, has relaxed its immigration rules and policies. These rules are made to make it easier for the applicants to obtain the Canadian Permanent Residency.

The year 2017 was an exceptional year for the Canadian PR Visa applicants. The IRCC has reduced the benchmark for the qualifying CRS scores in the express entry and other programs last year.

If you wish to apply for the Canadian PR visa this year, then it’s a good time to do so. Canada has recently announced its multiyear immigration plan for 2018-2020. According to this plan, Canada will be inviting a huge number of applicants for the next three years.

The immigration target for this year is 3, 10,000, and to invite such a huge number of people to apply, the IRCC will keep the benchmark for the qualifying CRS score really low.

Hence, 2018 is definitely a favorable year for the aspiring applicants, do not let the fear take a good control over you and just five into the Canadian PR visa process with the help of ISA Global- your one-stop solution for all your immigration needs.

Key tips to get the Canada PR Visa in 2018

Canadian Permanent Residency Visa has become quite popular these days. But how to make sure that you get the PR Visa within the required time. Here is how you can get the Permanent Residency Visa in Canada:

  • Get thorough information regarding the PR process as it is crucial to know all the details about the immigration process, the steps involved in the same and the documents required. But if you are not sure if you could pull off the whole process, then you must get in touch with experienced and genuine immigration expert ISA Global. We provide end-to-end services to our clients.
  • Collect all the key documents. Every document supporting your age, work experience, language proficiency, educational assessment, must be collected in order to apply for your Express Entry Profile.
  • Select the right Immigration program for the Canadian PR Visa. Canadian Government is offering various PR programs to suit different individuals. You must know all the programs properly so that you know which the best program is for you. But it is always a good idea to get in touch with an immigration expert, it is really helpful as they will tell you all the procedural changes in the PR visa programs.
  • Prepare your Express entry profile well. Express entry is like a race, you must be well prepared in order to get an ITA within the required time. Your Express entry profile must be accurate with all the required documents.

Benefits of Canadian PR Visa

  • Canadian PR visa holders get most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including health care coverage,
  • Canadian PR visa holders can live, work or study anywhere in Canada,
  • They can apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Canadian PR visa holders are entitled to protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canada PR Visa via Express Entry in 2018

The Canadian express entry program was implemented in 2015 and has become most popular immigration program to get the Canada PR Visa. Express entry is the new program which manages several other immigration programs including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, and Federal Skilled Trade. People interested to live and work in Canada can formally express their interest by creating an Express Entry profile.

Once the Express Entry profile is created it is added to the pool (Express Entry) and candidates are then selected based on pointing system which is called CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. This score will determine candidate’s rank in express entry pool, candidates scoring high in this will be invited to apply for immigration to Canada for permanent residence.

Let’s understand how the Express Entry criteria and CRS or Comprehensive ranking System works. It is a point based system based on these criteria of an individual.

  • Education
  • Language ability
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Other factors

Apart from this, an individual can score from other additional factors such as:

  • Canadian diploma or degree certificates
  • Nomination from a province or territory
  • A valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Spouse/common-law partner’s skills such as education/language etc.
  • Other factors

This is one of the fastest ways to move to Canada as a permanent resident through new Express Entry system. The process is entirely online which makes the immigration process extremely efficient and is helpful for candidates around the world.

  • Applications submitted under Express Entry for PR are usually processed in six months or less.
  • If a candidate from Express Entry pool gets chosen by any eligible employee or is chosen by Canada PNP, the candidate receives 600 CRS points for Provincial Nomination or gets 200 CRS points for qualifying for a job offer.
  • After official Express Entry draw, highest scoring candidates are given the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR.
  • Once a candidate receives ITA (Invitation to Apply), the individual gets 90 days to submit the application for Canadian PR.

To get qualified in the Express Entry immigration system, one must fulfill all the criteria including the requirements of Canada’s economic immigration programs. If the requirements are not met then the application will not be accepted in the system’s pool of candidates.

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