Canada’s new International Graduate stream reaches cap

Description: Canada's new PR streams launch next week | Canada Immigration News

Canada’s new International Graduate stream for English-speakers has reached its limit of 40,000 applications.

On 7 May at 1:01 pm (EST), the quota was reached. The same day, about 12:00 noon EST, this and five other new streams for essential workers and French-speaking international graduates were introduced.

The six streams will be launched on April 14 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The streams aim to provide more immigration opportunities for international graduates and essential workers in Canada during the pandemic. IRCC is expecting 90,000 individuals to obtain permanent residence through the streams.

This year, the IRCC plans to process 40,000 applications. In 2021, the department intends to welcome 401,000 new immigrants.

The quotas for the streams are decided as follows:

  • Workers in Canada – Stream A for health care workers (20,000 applications)
  • Workers in Canada – Stream B for essential non-health care workers (30,000 applications)
  • International graduates (40,000 applications)
  • Workers in Canada – Stream A for French-speaking health care workers (no cap)
  • Workers in Canada – Stream B for French-speaking essential non-health care workers (no cap)
  • French-speaking international graduates (no cap)

The English-speaking Workers in Canada streams have received over 5,000 applications (out of a total cap of 50,000 applications). Uptake for the French-speaking streams has been low so far, but this is partly a function of the streams not having caps and a generous deadline of November 5, 2021. The English-speaking streams will be available until November 5th, or the maximum number of participants is reached, whichever comes first.

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