Current Ban on Morocco Flights to be Lifted by Canada

Next Monday, direct flights between Canada and Morocco will restart.

According to the Canadian government, travelers will be able to board direct flights from Morocco to Canada at 00:01 Eastern Time on October 29, with a few additional procedures.

Travelers must have a COVID-19 molecular pre-departure test that is negative and recognized by the European Commission, as issued by the Moroccan government. This test must be completed within 72 hours of lift-off.

Those who have had COVID-19 in the past and continue to test positive can provide a positive test result from 14 to 180 days before departure. Travelers who contracted COVID-19 before arriving in Morocco must demonstrate that they were infected in another nation.

Airlines will authenticate COVID-19 test results before boarding by scanning digital QR codes to confirm the passenger’s identification and test result. They’ll also double-check that passengers have entered their information into the ArriveCAN app.

Travelers from Morocco must have a valid negative COVID-19 molecular test even if they arrive in Canada via an indirect route.

Newcomers will also need to meet Canada’s admission standards. Non-essential travel is now only available to fully immunized travelers. Newcomers must have a negative pre-departure test, proof of immunization, and a quarantine plan, even if they do not plan on using it.

Morocco’s border with Canada was originally closed in August due to a spike in coronavirus cases in the country. The first prohibition lasted 30 days and was extended once more in September.

Travelers must use the ArriveCAN mobile or web application to submit their personal and travel information to border agents before entering Canada.

If travelers want to avoid quarantine or visit Canada for a non-essential cause, they must produce proof of vaccination with a vaccine approved by Health Canada, such as Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, or Janssen.

They’ll also require a quarantine strategy and a COVID-19 molecular test that’s negative.

Those who are not fully vaccinated will be permitted to enter Canada only for important reasons, such as work, family reunion, school, compassionate reasons, or immigration. Non-vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents, as well as their families, will be allowed to enter; however, they may be required to quarantine at home.

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