Employment is in uniform rise in Canada : Reports

Employment is uniformly rising says the latest report by Statistics Canada. It shows that Unemployment rate in Canada was at a record low last month in November 2017. It further states that Canada has generated 390 thousand new jobs in last one year.

A report on Labour force survey released by Statistics Canada reveals that Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to its lowest point in nearly a decade in November 2017.

Canada’s unemployment rate in November was 5.9 percent. The record low was noticed previously in Feb 2008.

The numbers show employment increased for the second month in a row in November, with the addition of 80,000 new jobs across Canada. The vast majority of those new jobs were full-time.

Looking back over the previous 12 months, Canada gained 390,000 full-time jobs, an increase of 2.1 percent.

The demographic groups that benefitted most from the employment increase were men in the 25 to 54 age group, youths aged from 15 to 24 and women aged 55 and older.

Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Prince Edward Island experienced maximum rise, while, other provinces also saw a little change in their employment rates.

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