Get to know the Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Get to know Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Nova Scotia is a beautiful small province located in Canada. The NSNP is Nova Scotia’s Nominee Program. Prospective immigrants with relevant skills and experience may receive Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Certificate, which confirms a Permanent Residency status to the applicant.

The NSNP accepts applicants under the following categories:

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

Nova Scotia uses Federal Government’s Express Entry selection system to select desired candidates for Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry. There is a list of almost 29 occupations for this category where the potential immigrants can choose their occupation from.

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Nova Scotia uses the Express Entry selection system to select candidates for this category. This program provides a way to Permanent Residence for skilled people who have worked in Nova Scotia for at least one year.

Skilled Worker Category

This particular category accepts applicants who have received a Nova Scotia employer. Workers in skilled, semi-skilled or low-skilled can apply under this category as they already have an offer.

Entrepreneur Category

The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur category has been designed to attract people who want to start or acquire an independent business and settle in Nova Scotia permanently.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

The International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is open for those students who have studied in a recognized Nova Scotia university for at least 2 years as a full-time course and have been doing their own business for at least one year, and for people who wish to settle in Nova Scotia as a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Minimum requirements for the NSNP or the Nova Scotia

In order to be eligible under this category a candidate must:

  • Have a required degree or diploma from a recognized and Government approved university from his native country.
  • Meet the minimum language proficiency benchmark- Currently, Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in all 4 IELTS components which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in either French or English from a recognized institute.
  • Be above 18 years and below 41 years.
  • Not have any criminal history ever.

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