How many points do you need to immigrate to Canada?


The prospective candidates in the Express Entry program are given points using the CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System. There are four selection factors in the Federal skilled worker’s program. You can score points in each of these four categories. If your skills and experience are enough to qualify as a Federal Skilled Worker, the Government too assesses you on the basis of 6 selection criteria.

If you get a score of 350+ in the Comprehensive Ranking System, then you are eligible for the PNP or the Provincial Nominee Program. A score of 400 and above gets an Ontario Province nomination, Ontario is a big province. And a score more than 413 and above gets a Central Nomination, the 413 and above score, which is subject to change after every draw. The lowest cut-off for a draw was 413 and above score.

Here is the list of the important factors driving the CRS score of the Canadian Express Entry Program:

  • Age: The maximum points that a person can score is 100 in case of a married person and 110 in case of a single person. Age limit for a 100 pointer is 18-30 years, after that, you lose 5 points every year till 45 years and then no points after that.
  • Level of Education: Bachelor’s degree OR a three or more year course at any university or college gets a score of 112 in case of a married person and 120 in case of a single person. Master’s degree or any professional degree needed for a licensed profession gets 126 in case of a married person and 135 in case of a single person. Doctoral level or a Ph.D. gets 140 for a married person and 150 for a single person.

In case of a married person, Spouse’s education level can be a great support. If your spouse has a bachelor’s degree then he/she will give you 8 points and 10 points if he/she has a Master’s degree.

  • The IELTS Exam: The maximum points scored in the IELTS exam could be 128 for a married person and 136 points in case of a single person. And if the spouse of the married person has taken the IELTS exam then he/she can contribute a maximum of 20 points in this section for you Express Entry Profile.
  • Skills Transferability: The Canadian Government gives you certain points, as we call them as Bonus points to each and every candidate. In case of a Bachelor’s degree and the required score in the IELTS exam, then you get a total of 25 points and if you have a Master’s degree and get a good score in your IELTS exam, then you get 50 points.

There are certain additional points that you could get by having:

  • A sibling living in Canada who is either a PR Visa holder or a citizen of Canada;
  • Know French and score NCLC 7 or higher;
  • A post-secondary education in Canada;
  • Arranged employment;
  • PNP or a territorial nomination.

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