How to apply for permanent residence if you live in Quebec

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In the month of April, several immigration-related announcements were made by the federal and Quebec governments.

On April 14, 2021, an announcement was made by Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, that the temporary foreign workers in essential services and Canadian graduates already in the country will have access to a new fast-track pathway to permanent residence.

This pathway will be launched nationally on May 6, will provide the opportunity to 90,000 candidates to become permanent residents.

An overview of Quebec’s key economic class pathways

Quebec and Ottawa have an agreement to select its immigrants and issue Quebec selection certificates (CSQs). This document is required by the federal government in order to grant permanent residence to an economic immigrant settling in the province.

Permanent immigration to Quebec requires two stages of application.

The first step, in Quebec, is to get a favourable permanent selection decision from the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) and a CSQ.

The second step is to apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residency, which requires a medical test, a criminal background check, and the collection of biometric data.

Quebec offers different programs to facilitate the selection of immigrants who meet provincial socio-economic needs.

Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ) :

 PEQ aims to enable Quebec to get benefit from the contribution of people mastered in French, are in the province and are already integrated into Quebec society as well. The PEQ allows foreign workers and Quebec graduates who are employed to transition from temporary to permanent status.

In both cases, eligibility requirements include having resided, studied, or worked in Quebec, possessing an advanced intermediate level of oral French, and receiving an attestation of learning Quebec values, which has been required since January 2020.

 Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP):

People who wish to settle permanently and work in Quebec, other than those in the Business Class, may also apply under RSWP.

 To immigrate to Quebec through the RSWP, candidates are required to first create an Expression of Interest profile in Arrima, after which they are placed in a pool of candidates.

The most suitable candidates are then invited based by MIFI on a selection grid that considers factors such as schooling, work experience, age, and knowledge of French and English. Although no previous work experience in Quebec is needed for this programme, whereas you will be rewarded with extra points for having a connection to the province.

The Quebec government has also recently initiated three new pilot projects aimed at orderlies, workers in the food processing sector, and tech workers in artificial intelligence, information technology and visual effects.

All three pilot programmes are currently accepting applications for this year, which will allow the province to select up to 550 permanent immigration candidates and their family members each year.

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