Indian techies return home as US refuses visa extension and opting for EB-5 visa


The techies from India who are in the US on work visas are having an extreme time because of the Trump organization’s regular approach changes around the H-1B visa program. These H-1B visa holders are thinking that it’s hard to get their visa expansions renewed. Thus, a few Indians are returning home or are thinking about elective choices like Canada’s Express Entry program.

Alongside the denials, there is an expansion in the number of Requests for Evidence (RFE) issued to Indian candidates. The H-1B visa is issued for a long time, there is a possibility for visa holders to additionally renew it for three additional years. Normally, USCIS issues an RFE on completion of the primary term or at the time of applying for a Green Card.

In 2018, the best five Indian IT firms represented over 60% of the dismissals. As per USCIS information, out of the 34 lakh, H-1B petitions documented in 2017, a sum of 22 lakh were from Indian nationals.

Indians who moved to the US directly after graduation in software engineering or IT are unsure about their future in the US now. To compound things further, the US government is probably going to pass a law revoking work approval of H4 visa holders. The move will influence the pay of families that are subject to double salary, compelling them to move back to their country.

Sometime in the past, it was simpler for talented alumni to get the H-1B visa and consequently, a few Indian techies left for the United States along with their families with a desire to at last settle down in the nation. It was additionally simpler to apply for a Green Card in the US, however with the Trump organization assuming control over, it is exceedingly improbable that Indian H-1B holders in the US will effortlessly get green cards.

Subsequently, Indians applying for an EB-5 visa have gone up

Stricter investigation of the H-1B program and recurrence strategy changes has implied that India’s innovation ability is presently investigating alternative routes, considering the EB-5 course. The accessible information uncovers that the number of Indians applying under the EB-5 Investor visa program has expanded by about 4-times since 2017.

Insights issued by the US Department of State recommend a spike in Indians applying for EB-5. The financial specialist visa program guarantees a green card to candidates that contribute a one-time measure of $1000,000 for working in the US. The investment additionally stipulates making something like 10 all day occupations for Americans.

The EB-5 process offers restrictive permanent inhabitant status endorsement for 24 hours while the permanent green card under this course could take any time between 18 to two years which is still less in contrast with the customary H-1B program course.

As the H-1B visa has turned out to be hard to acquire, EB-5 has turned into a default decision for well off Indian candidates that can put resources into the US to get a green card. Many Indians working and considering for the US are self-supporting their permanent lawful status in the US through EB-5. Most Indian EB-5 candidates want to put resources into land ventures.

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