IRCC to reunite more families in next three years

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IRCC’s big heart for family migrants, Family class visa at number two on the priority list of potential immigrants. More families to reunite in Canda over next three years. The multi-year immigration plan is to intake 265,500 applications under this category.

While addressing the press on IRCCs multi-year immigration plans, Immigration Minister of Canada, Mr. Ahmed Hussen told media that Economic migrants will be the majority contributor to their immigration plans for next three years and the second priority will be of the family class immigrants.

While disclosing the first of its kind Multi-year immigration plan of IRCC in front of the media people in Toronto, Mr. Ahmed Hussen, minister of immigration and refugee Canada, said that their future plans are encouraging for economic and family class migrants. As these two categories are on the top of the list of potential migrants to Canada to meet IRCC’s immigration target of absorbing one million immigrants in next three years.

This shows the positive outlook of Canada toward the family class applicants. Under which, the citizens and permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their dependent children, parents, grandparents, and their foreign spouse or common-law partner.

The multi-year plan states an intake of 265,500 immigrants in next three years.

The strategy to increase the intake of Family Class immigrants may be seen as the latest in a succession of developments put in place over the last two years to make the process of sponsoring a loved one, or being sponsored, simpler than before.

In a news release last week, IRCC stated that this increased target intake ‘will create the space needed to reduce backlogs and decrease processing times for families sponsoring spouses, children, parents, and grandparents.’

An increase in the intake of Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) has also been introduced to meet this target. Earlier, only 5000 immigrants were allowed to move to Canada under PGP entry, which was increased to 10000 later. The count is further going to experience a vertical shift in coming years as the multi-year plan will allow a total 21000 applicants to immigrate under this category.

The step of Canada immigration is a great move to reunite the families and help people to call their loved ones to Canada.


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