Job Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada on a rise

Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

We know that Canada is one of best countries to live and is most popular as far as immigration is concerned. Here is some more news on immigration from the country. Canada needs more workers and immigrants as said by the Governor (Bank of Canada). He thinks that immigrants have a major role to play in the Canadian economy and could help setting-off country’s shortage of labor. Therefore, Job opportunities for immigrants in Canada are rising at a good pace.

Any country’s economy is dependent on its workforce, and it’s the same with Canada as well. With growing demand for the vacancies which they have, they are facing a shortage of skilled labor. Increase in Job opportunities for immigrants in Canada also means an increase in the number of Canada PR Visa holders.

In a speech given at the Queen’s University of Kingston by the head of Canada’s central bank, said immigration is an essential part of country’s economy as well as it keeps the inflation rate low and is assisting in balancing the aging workforce of the country.

Canada’s economy is hitting its “Sweet Spot”, this growth is giving rise to new job opportunities. This highly desirable growth is not possible unless there are people to fill the newly created vacancies. Most of these vacancies are going unfilled due to the shortage of skilled workforce.

To help solve this shortage, the country needs to gear-up the integration of new immigrants and work more towards the labor participation of Canada’s youth, women and indigenous people. Canada’s workforce can expand by half a million people and this could increase country’s potential output by 1.5 percent or nearly $30 billion per year.

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