Immigration Minister, New Zealand declares Parent Visas to be made by end of term

82 percent of Australians support immigration in spite of population concerns

Migration New Zealand says there are no proof individuals on Parent Category Visas are exploiting social help.

The Education and Workforce Board of Trustees’ decision came as an encouragement by the Government to lift the ban on the visa.

The visa was frozen by the previous government in October 2016 while it was inspected, and the present Immigration Minister is yet choosing its future.

MBIE Immigration Policy Manager Sian Roguski said proof from the sponsor group here from 2013 found that somewhere in between two and five years after getting residency, only one percent received social advantages.

Ms. Roguski said their survey was not able to decide the effect on open healthcare costs because of certain restrictions in getting full access to data.

She said their audit likewise found there’s no reality to the doubts that migrants are supporting their parents to live in New Zealand, while they themselves return home.

Ms. Roguski said while it’s reasonable the visa is a factor in bringing in and holding skilled migrants, it’s incredibly hard to evaluate how much weight it holds. She said it’s likewise hard to give a cost-benefit analysis of the plan.

What was revealed earlier on the view that individuals coming over in their late years will be an expense to the nation is not valid?

“And furthermore, the possibility that there are every one of these individuals who are bringing their parents over, dumping them in New Zealand and leaving, is unmistakably false”, he said.

Migration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway said he is as yet thinking about the eventual fate of the visa, and it is wrong to remark on it, or any individual cases.

He hasn’t given a time period for when a decision will be made, yet said it will be before the finish of this term of Government.

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