“New PR streams launching for essential workers, international student graduates in Canada”

Description: New Global Skills Strategy means faster processing but more compliance for  certain work permits | Canadian Immigrant

From 6 May, Canada is launching six new immigration programs for essential workers and international student graduates who are working in the country.

to apply, you must be employed in an eligible occupation in Canada or have recently completed an eligible educational programme, as well as meet language requirements.

The guide will be released by IRCC that what information the candidate will be required to submit.

The following information is based on the public policies available on the IRCC webpage and the briefing notes from an April 21 meeting between IRCC and three associations representing immigration lawyers and consultants.

How to Apply?

Candidates will need to submit their application through the online portal.

The application process will be based on a first in first out principle. There are different eligibility criteria for each of the programs.

You will have to submit an entirely completed application to be approved for permanent residence, it includes all fees paid, language test documents. You must be working at the time of your application and cannot be on leave for medical, maternity, or otherwise.

Required documents:

The documents required for the new programs will be published in the application guide.

IMM 0008, a standardised immigration application form, will be the first document needed. To fill out and validate the form, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. According to the IRCC, these forms must be validated and submitted with 2D barcodes.

Subsequent documents will include:

  • Proof of eligibility criteria, stating you studied in Canada or obtained a study permit.
  • Language test documents must be taken within the past two years and uploaded at the time of submission.
  • Copies of your education credential, if applying for the international graduate streams.
  • Acknowledgement and consent form, a privacy statement, later you will be land on a page which confirms your submission.

If eligible for more than one stream:

You will be required to choose upfront which program you want to apply for.  “Submission Button” is pressed will be used to count the intake limits. A counter may be placed on the main page of the IRCC website to monitor the number of submissions.

Note: You can apply for multiple streams but shall pay the fees twice.

Though the amount of fees is not yet confirmed, it may range between $1,050 and $1,325. You will be required to pay the fees upfront.

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