Provincial Nominee Program: Which is the best one for you?

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program or the PNP has made the process of the Canadian Permanent Residency a bit easier for the people with a really low score. Canada, a country that promises its citizens and PR holders, a better quality of life, high standard of living and better professional opportunities. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada receive thousands of applications every year from aspiring immigrants.

However, the applications get accepted on the basis of their scores in the Canadian point-based system. People with low CRS scores may find it difficult to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the Canadian PR. Hence,  The PNP makes sure that the person with a low score in the CRS system can obtain the Canadian PR visa.

Let’s find out the best PNP to get the Canadian PR Visa in 2018

People may find it difficult to choose one PNP as there are a few Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada. Below are the PNPs that are quite popular these days.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program or OINP

It is one of the best provinces in Canada. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program or OINP is the key PNP of Canada. This PNP invites several applicants every year by giving them additional CRS points to secure a Canadian PR invitation from IRRC.

Aspiring Express Entry applicants with a low CRS score of 400 points can apply for this PNP. Hence, it is one of the best programs to get a Canadian PR Visa in Canada. Ontario’s capital is Toronto which is Canada’s largest and most populous city with 6 million people. Ontario is Canada’s economic hub, also known for its natural diversity, vast forests, beautiful provincial parks, four of the five Great Lakes and the very famous Niagara Falls.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or SINP

This is another key programs of Canada that belong to the Saskatchewan province of Canada. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or SINP has one of the best selection systems with a low level of language skills requirement, it can be a good choice for people with a low CRS Score. It is an amazing fact that Saskatchewan is home to 72 of Canada’s First Nations, with reserve lands scattered throughout the province. Earlier, immigrants were attracted to Saskatchewan by the availability of wide pieces of fertile land. It is primarily the fast-growing modern economy province that attracts new immigrants to Settle in Saskatchewan.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program or NSNP

Nova Scotia issued a large number of nominations to the low scoring candidates in the year 2017 under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program or NSNP. And this year also, it is expected to nominate a huge number of immigrants.

There are few more PNPs that will help people obtain Canadian PR this year. They are British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or BCPNP, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program or AINP, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program or MPNP, etc. Nova Scotia has a diverse economy which includes industries in the service, manufacturing and mining sectors. The cost of living in Nova Scotia is genuinely affordable, even below the Canadian average. Combined with the average salary in the province, people in Nova Scotian can afford a very high standard of living.

ISA Global simplifies the Canadian PR Visa process 

The changing rules and regulations related to immigration process make it difficult for the applicants to go through with the process smoothly. But if you are not following the immigration news then it may become difficult for you to apply for the PR process on your own. It is advisable to seek assistance from ISA Global.

The immigration experts at ISA Global help all its clients with their immigration procedure. We make the immigration process uncomplicated, clear and easier for all its applicants to understand the process thoroughly. We are fully updated with each and every change in the immigration process, so they can guide you with the latest updates and changes. Every year several applicants are guided and helped through their PR Visa process by the experts at ISA Global.

Following are the key services we provide to all our clients:

  • Pre-assessment of their application.
  • Documentation assistance.
  • Express Entry profile creation.
  • Filing of their visa application.
  • Drafting of Letters.
  • Medical and Police clearance.
  • Help with ECA and IELTS exam.
  • EOI Submission.
  • Help with visa fee and other payments.

If you are prepared and wish to apply for the Canadian PR Visa, then you must get in touch with us today. ISA Global will help you assess your exact score and help you in choosing the best Canadian PR Visa for you. ISA Global is the leading immigration consultant in India and we have helped thousands of our clients to achieve their immigration dreams. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada and Australia, kindly contact our skilled experts for further assistance/ guidance.

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