Quarantine on Canadian Exempt Travelers to be Lifted by early July

There’s bound to be the installation of a rectified quarantine requirement, abiding by revised rules and regulations, for those exempted travelers who have been completely vaccinated entering the nation from foreign places.

Patty Hajdu, Canada’s Health Minister informed a bunch of reporters recently regarding the possibility of completely wavering the need to undergo quarantine for those who were already labeled as being exempt from previously imposed travel restrictions. This ensures eliminating the need for complete 14-day quarantining provided they’ve gotten their second vaccine shot within 14 days of their arrival into Canada.

If there constantly remains a decline in the number of positive cases presented within the country, the Minister suggested a possible amendment of these regulations by early July, without giving a fixed date guarantee. The mInister further emphasized the beginning of July, mostly the first week, as being the most probable time for this to happen. However, the federal government is still in conversations with the departments of public safety and immigration as well as the provincial governments.

The Minister also focused on how approval would be granted only to those vaccines that have been deemed acceptable in the country. At the moment, this list comprises Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. However, other vaccines are bound to be under inspection very soon.

A phase-based approach is in line with considering measures pertaining to the borders, which basically falls in alignment with the previous announcements made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Applicants would still be required to reproduce a COVID-19 report indicating negative test results upon their arrival at the border regions, or even a legitimate plan for quarantining as they await the arrival of said results. If this result turns out to be negative, their subsequent release could take place even within a single day.

These aforementioned compulsory rules regarding the quarantine in Canada as well as restrictions over travel aspects have been in implementation ever since the pandemic struck back in March 2020, when the lockdown was put into action. February 2021 witnessed the incoming of the mandatory 3-day hotel quarantine stay duration.

The past month rolled out the termination of these hotel quarantine rules and regulations around the 21st of June, 2021 as per Canada’s COVID-19 Testing and Screening Expert Advisory Panel owing to their belief in the functioning and effectiveness of the whole protocol.

Even the professionals from the Canadian government have been hinting regarding the eventual easing up of the border restrictions towards the end of this month or July. Recently published public opinion case studies revealed how the Prime Minister briefed about Canadians being without a hurry to eliminate border rules. However, over the previous week, Trudeau was insistent about Canada inculcating a phase-based approach in order to permit cross-border travel.

However, there has been no official date released regarding when exactly these borders are bound to open.

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