Stock of Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) candidates at all time high in Express Entry

According to IRCC’s study of the Express Entry pool, the number of candidates in the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) has increased significantly in last one year as a result of greater focus on in-Canada applicants. Almost 80% of the Express Entry pool of nearly 194,000 candidates were FSWP applicants.

In 2019, about 45 per cent of all invitations were issued to FSWP candidates. But in 2021, Canada only invited CEC and PNP candidates. The aim was to attract a high number of CEC candidates because the federal government had promised to accept 401,000 new immigrants last year, and the plan was to target people who were already in Canada.

What should FSW candidates do?

Express Entry profiles are valid for one year in the pool. If applicants haven’t been invited within a year, they’re no longer considered part of the pool. People whose Express Entry profiles have expired can re-apply if they wish to try again.

On the other hand, PNP candidates are almost always guaranteed to be invited to apply because they obtain a 600-point bonus for the nomination. Even though these people may not necessarily be in Canada, IRCC has held PNP-specific draws throughout the pandemic.

So all FSW candidates are advised to explore PNP programs till such time that the FSW invitations don’t start again. The hope of course is that FSW invitations will start soon in 2022!

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