Want Australian PR? Know how to improve your chances

how to improve your chances for Australian PR

Many students move to Australia every year for further education and higher studies. After completing their studies they aspire to settle down in Australia, and the most common way is to get Permanent Residency / PR.  Studying in Australia will not guarantee you for PR but there are ways to improve the chances.

Department of Home Affairs runs the stream of General Skilled Migration (GSM), it is dependent on the labor market needs of Australia.

Requirements of GSM (General Skilled Migration):

  • You should have completed a course in Australia of minimum 2 years duration (Distance learning and Online courses are not accepted)
  • Age between 18 to 45 years
  • Minimum score required for IELTS/PTE/TOEFL should be 6
  • You should nominate an occupation from the occupation list of Australia
  • You also need to do a Skilled Assessment for your nominated occupation

To improve the chances of the GSM program:

  • After completion of the course, one should apply for Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) Visa or Post-Study Work Stream. The Graduate stream allows the applicant to work till 18 months whereas the Post-Study Work stream allows the applicant to work from 2 to 4 years. This helps the prospective immigrant to gain Australian work experience and enhance the language skills (English). The experience gained will add additional points to the GSM program requirement.
  • Advanced qualification: Getting an advanced qualification will earn you points on GSM grids. Diploma up to 10 points, Bachelor’s/Master’s up to 15 points, and Doctoral up to 20 points.
  • English Skills: Getting a score of 7 or above in IELTS can get you good points on the grid.
  • Studying in a regional area as per the Australian Study Requirement can get you up to 5 points.
  • Age group between 25 to 32 can get you the maximum points which are 30.

To understand which immigration program/stream is appropriate for you, and to get further details on any of the on-going immigration programs in Canada and Australia, kindly check with our experts.

If you are planning to immigrate to Australia, feel free to contact our advisors and get your eligibility checked. ISA Global is the leading immigration consultant in India and we have helped thousands of our clients to settle in countries like Canada and Australia.

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