What about New Zealand? Forest Scientists!

fpl-2013-138There is shortage of Forest Scientists in New Zealand. The country has classified shortage in this occupation as a long term one. This means that there are likely to be enough vacancies in this job profile, at least in the near and medium term.

The job of a Forest Scientist requires one to have the ability to manage forest resources in the country. New Zealand has huge forest areas. Forestry as an industry accounts for as much as 4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. The huge forestry sector in the country explains the need for Forest Scientists.

In order to be eligible for the position of Forest Scientist in New Zealand one must have the degree of Bachelor in Forestry Science or Bachelor of Applied Sciences with Forestry as one subject. Overseas degrees are eligible if they meet the standards of degrees awarded by Universities of New Zealand in this area.

Those who want to migrate to New Zealand through the student route can opt for a graduation level course in Bachelor in Forestry Science. There are many universities in the country that offer this course. Example of one such university is University of Canterbury. After completing the graduation course, one has a good chance of getting a job as Forest Scientist.

Those who work as Forest Scientists in New Zealand get their postings in forest areas. The advantage of living in New Zealand is that the country offers a very good quality of life to its citizens. The disadvantage is that per capita income is not as high as those in other rich, developed countries. But per capita net disposable annual income at US $ 23000 is significantly higher than that of India.

The cities of New Zealand have very good quality of infrastructure and civic facilities. The environment is very clean and good. Employment opportunities are also very good as the country has a very high employment rate of more than 70%.

New Zealand therefore is a good option for those who want to migrate to a country that offers a better quality of life and standard of living. Those who have the qualifications and skills of a Forest Scientist have a good chance of getting work visa for this country.

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