What do you need to migrate to Canada?

What do you need to migrate to Canada

Are you planning to migrate to Canada? Well, we are not surprised as Canada, certainly, is one of the best countries to migrate. There are various immigration programs to move to Canada and many potential candidates apply and qualify for at least one immigration program. So, what do you need to migrate to Canada? Below are the important points to be considered.

  • Check your eligibility: Before moving forward with your immigration plan, you must check whether you are eligible for any immigration program or not. There are various reasons for ineligibility such as,
  • A criminal record against you;
  • Any deadly disease that wouldn’t allow you to enter Canada;
  • Your poor financial record;
  • Misrepresentation of information provided by you;
  • Having a family member who is inadmissible in Canada.
  • Applying for different types Permanent Residency programs in Canada: It is important to know all the PR Visa categories under which you could apply. There are various ways to apply for the different Canadian immigration PR Programs. Those are:
  • The Express Entry Program: Many people interested Canada immigration find this program to be very effective and they are eligible for the same. People with at least 1 year of experience can apply under this category. Immigration officers will consider your age, education, work experience, etc., and allocate you certain points for the same.
  • PNP: Under this category, a particular Canadian province selects your profile and nominates it for the Canadian PR Visa.
  • Quebec skilled worker visa: Quebec has their own independent visa category, where it nominates you on behalf of the Government.
  • Self-Employed: If you are self-employed, then you can apply under this category. But you must have an income of 40,000 Canadian Dollars or more per year.
  • Getting all the documents at one place: Before applying for the Canada immigration, make sure to gather all the documents in order to get your application duly filled.
  • Writing your application correctly: Once you know the perfect immigration program to apply, you must complete it correctly, by providing correct information about yourself. Pay the application fee in full, or else your application will not be processed.
  • Wait for the visa patiently: It can take a while to receive a response to your application. Even under the Express entry program, you may need to wait for 15 days to 6 months to receive the Invitation to apply. In case, your application is rejected, you may have to apply again.

Consult a reliable immigration consultant: If you really wish to immigrate to Canada, then hiring a reliable consultant like ISA Global is better than doing it yourself. We know all the trends and changes in the immigration process, so taking our help is advisable. ISA Global can help you identify the perfect immigration program that suits your profile

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