The skills assessment verifies if the candidate’s educational qualifications and work experience are closely related to the nominated occupation for migration purposes.

The candidate’s qualifications are firstly assessed to determine the comparability. After the comparability is established, the course units are assessed at the unit level to determine if it matches with the candidate’s occupation or not.

After the qualifications are assessed, the process determines the amount of relevant work experience the candidate requires to meet the suitability criteria.

Application Process

  • Collect relevant documentation
  • Relevant documentation is uploaded as certified copies into the Online Application
  • The assessing authority will issue a result letter which can be submitted as evidence of the skill assessment

The skill assessment report is valid for several years from the date of issue.

ISA provides guidance for the skill assessment process. The skill assessment process requires a fee which candidates needs to directly pay to the relevant authorities.

Please Note: Processes are subject to change from time to time. Please consult our team to confirm the process details before taking any decision.