Everything points to a historic Federal draw in mid 2022 followed by PNP adjustments.

As the pandemic recedes and normalcy returns, those looking at Canada immigration can expect a historic draw in May 2022. May seems right because there is a recent precedence as well.

Early this year while the world was fighting the pandemic, Canada came out with a historic CEC draw. For those who are unaware CEC refers to the Canadian Experience Class, those applicants who are working in Canada (after completing their studies in Canada). A typical draw invites 5,000 applicants but this draw was different.

It was huge. 27,332 invites !!

The cut off score was 75. Yes not a typo. 75 !!

The picture below shows the CEC draw compared to past ten draws.

Last 10 Express Entry Draw

After all a large CEC draw made sense at that time. Canada was committed to giving permanent residence status to 400,000 plus foreign nationals in 2021. As the pandemic raged, these 27,000 applicants were already in Canada and hence within their bio bubble. It made sense to reward these applicants rather than giving visas to foreign nationals who were outside the country and would have had to travel to Canada and could have brought the virus along with them.

As the pandemic receded we were hoping for a historic draw for FSW candidates but then snap elections were called by PM Trudeau which has pushed this draw to mid next year. Those waiting on the sidelines have got a second chance to act, to start the visa process.

For those who follow Canada immigration, new quotas for the year come into force from January 1. Quota for 2022 would be a healthy 420,000 (based on the three year plan). Our expectation is hence a FSW draw of historic proportions in February (latest by March). The historic draw would also lead to large scale PNP adjustments in coming months. 2022 is hence going to be a great year for Canada applicants.

In case you are looking at immigration seriously and have not initiated the process you are advised to act quickly since time is short. There are few months till May 2022 and technical assessments such as ECA are taking more time than usual. Also as far as the English test is concerned it is advisable to take the test JIT (Just in Time). This would ensure that the application is in the pool for the longest period of time. If you take the test first, be prepared that you may have to take it again given the timelines involved.

In case you are interested in discussing Canada immigration, do drop in your contact details and a senior counselor from our team would be on call to talk to you.

Thanks and best wishes.