How it Works

The process is as follows –

  1. Complete an education or skill assessment for the relevant country. There are several assessing authorities and ISA would advise clients on which authority is relevant in their case and also provide relevant assistance.

  2. Take the relevant English test. There are several tests which can be taken. ISA would advise clients on necessary tests to be taken and also provide relevant training.

  3. File an online application. The online application is fairly long and usually is over a hundred pages long.

  4. Await for an invitation from the relevant country.

  5. Complete post invitation documentation. Depending on the country, there are certain documents which need to be submitted after the invitation is received.

  6. Undertake police clearance involves taking a clearance from relevant authorities.

  7. Undertake health test involves certain simple tests prescribed by the relevant authorities.

  8. Obtain relevant visa.