Refund Policy

Following is the refund policy of the company:

  1. The client is entitled to refund of a certain percentage of the fees excluding taxes, in case of rejection in education and/or skill assessment and/or rejection of application by the concerned authorities.

  2. If the agreement is cancelled for any reason on the request of either party within one week of the date of agreement, ISA will retain a certain amount towards initial costs and refund the balance fees to the client.

  3. The client shall write to the first party with supported documents for claiming refund. If the claim for refund is valid as per the agreement, ISA will process the request within an agreed timeframe.

  4. Any token or advance payment made towards consultancy fee without signing of agreement is not refundable.

  5. It is further made clear that there shall be no refund in any other cases, including cases of self withdrawal for any reason, any personal loss, job or financial loss, medical reasons, not being able to get the required documents, pursuing other international opportunities on own accord etc. In such cases, subject to the sole discretion of ISA, the services can be put on hold for a reasonable time.

Abridged Client Declaration

  1. All the information provided by me is correct to the best of my knowledge.

  2. I will not share the information, checklists, documents etc. provided to me by the company with any one and use the same only for my personal use.

  3. I will not use any employee from the Company for services which are not mentioned in the Service Agreement.

  4. I declare that I have never been involved in any anti national or unlawful activities and I am not involved in any civil / criminal litigation and no such case/ litigation is pending against me.

  5. I will not ask for or insist on any change in the scope or terms of the agreement after signing, including any change in country, number of applicants etc.

  6. I will communicate with the company or its representatives primarily through email rather than orally and understand that the company will follow the same protocol to reduce any communication gap. I also understand that the company will not communicate with any person other than the applicant.

  7. I understand that the company may assign different team members for different tasks as there are specialized resources for different activities and a single point of contact may not be possible in the entire duration of the agreement.

  8. I will deal with the company representatives in a courteous and professional manner and in case I am not satisfied at any point of time, I will escalate the issue in the prescribed manner.

  9. I am aware that my interaction will be only with the centralized delivery team located in the national capital region or NCR and other offices of the company are merely marketing offices where delivery of services is not provided. I understand that this is a standard practice in the industry and does not affect service delivery.

  10. I understand that I will get updates on my process only when there is a material change relevant to my profile.

  11. I will fulfill my obligations specified under the agreement in a timely manner, including but not limited to: preparing for and taking the English test, getting the required transcripts/ education documents, and paying the required fees to relevant authorities.

  12. I understand that the training is based on various methodologies including e-learning, audio lessons and sessions with trainers over phone, but does not include any classroom sessions. I agree to follow the prescribed methodology recommended by company’s experts/ trainers, including timing, frequency, submission of materials, booking the test etc.

  13. I understand that trainer sessions will be provided for a maximum of three months.

  14. I will be provided training material that is developed by the company, and any third party study material or practice tests would need to be purchased from the market or accessed through other sources, if required.

  15. I understand that I am free to take any other training from other sources, but I will still need to complete all the assignments, tests and training sessions given by the company. In the event that I do not complete these activities and do not take the training sessions provided by the company, I will still bear the cost of the training as the decision of not taking the training is solely mine.

  16. I understand the importance of the score in the English test and in the event that I do not get an appropriate score, I would be willing to give the exam again to improve the score as I understand fully that this can impact the end outcome.

  17. I understand that it is in my best interest to decide the test date and test location in discussion with the company as choosing an early date for the exam or a venue not recommended by the company could impact the overall test score.

  18. I am aware of the requirements for the English test for my spouse (if married) and the main focus of the training sessions provided by the company will be the primary applicant. The secondary applicant (spouse) is free to attend the training sessions together with the main applicant as separate sessions for the secondary applicant will not be provided.

  19. I am aware that some professions which include but are not limited to doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants etc, may require additional licensing or approvals from relevant authorities and I agree to take the onus of checking the same from the official authorities where necessary.