Why Canada?

If moving to Canada has been your dream, then it is the right time to achieve it. Canadian Immigration is at its peak and there immigration programs are also quite lucrative. Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is a great opportunity for the people who are seeking for a better quality of life and a higher standard of living and a secured future. According to the United Nations, Canada tops the list of choices to migrate. And getting into the country through the Permanent Resident Visa is the best option as it is fast and extremely effective.

Referring to Canada's financial aspects, people who move to Canada usually earn quite well and live a better and financially sound life. Since, the service industry is very dominant in Canada, about 33% of its total population in involved in jobs.

Canada Immigration

If you are impressed with the PR Visa option by now, then it is the best time to embark on your journey.

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Permanent Resident of Canada

This Maple-leaf country has been inviting a lot of potential immigrants with a big smile and still doing so.

There are different immigration programs that offer a Permanent Resident Visa for Canada. The immigration program list includes; i.e. The Canadian Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, etc. However, most of these programs follow a point-based immigration System and hence, your PR Visa depends on the points that you score based on your age, experience, qualification and language skills during this process.

The Permanent Resident Visa card is a proof that you are a Permanent Resident of Canada and you can enjoy all the benefits that a Canadian Citizen has, apart from right to vote!

A PR Visa allows you to:

  • Live and study or work anywhere in Canada;
  • Apply for the Canadian Citizenship after 3 years into your PR Status;
  • Get Healthcare benefits and other social benefits that a Canadian Citizen receives;
  • Exercise the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

A PR Visa does not allow you to:

  • Vote or run a Political Office in Canada;
  • Get a Government job that requires a high-level security clearance.

Canada Work Permit

Canada is the most favourable country for people seeking higher paying jobs and lesser taxation. Every year, more than 3, 00,000 foreign workers come to Canada on Temporary Work Permit.

To get a Canadian work permit, foreign workers are required to have a Canadian job offer letter from Canadian Employers. The temporary work permit is issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada or the ESDC. The procedure is simple but involves several steps depending on the home country of the foreign worker.

The steps that are involved are:

  • Step 1: Employer applies for Labour Market Assessment Impact Association, if required;
  • Step 2: Employer may extend the temporary job offer;
  • Step 3: The Foreign worker applies for the Work permit or the Work Visa;
  • Step 4: Work Visa or the Work permit is issued.

Also note, that the Canadian Work Permit is temporary and has a validity. If a foreign worker wishes to work and settle in Canada, he needs to obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Status.

Quebec Immigration- Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec immigration selection system is different from other Canadian Immigration Programs. It is applicable for people who wish to reside in Montreal or any other place in the Province of Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility

Applicants who are successful under this program are granted a Quebec Selection Certificate, which is then followed by granting a Canadian Permanent Visa Status.

In order to Qualify for the Quebec Selection Certificate or the (Certificat de sélection du Québec, also known as a CSQ), you must be able to score at least 49 Points if Single and 57 Points if you have a spouse or a common-law partner.

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Canada Express Entry System

The Express Entry System was launched on 1st January 2015. It is the most popular Canadian Immigration Program and the most successful Immigration system in the world today! This program aims to select highly skilled and talented people from all over the world who wish to become the Permanent Residents of Canada. There are three types of Express Entry Programs.

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program: This program is designed by the Canadian Government to attract highly skilled workers based on their abilities and skills. It is a point based system under which requires you to earn at least 67 points to qualify. The points are given on the following parameters:
    • Educational Qualification
    • Work Experience
    • Age
    • Language Skills (English or French)
    • Adaptability
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program: This program is for the people who are qualified trade workers and want to settle in Canada permanently after receiving the Job Offer Letter from Canadian Employers. The Canadian Government approves Three Thousand applications every year under the Federal Skilled Trades Program. The eligibility parameters are simple
    • A candidate must plan to live in Canada except the region of Quebec
    • A candidate must meet a minimum requirement of CLB 5 in speaking and listening and CLB 4 in reading and writing
    • A candidate must have 2 years of full time experience in the Government approved occupation list
    • A candidate must have a Job Offer Letter for a full-time job for a total duration of one year or a qualification certificate in a skilled trade issued by any provincial or territorial body
  • The Canadian Experience Class: Once you have spent some time in Canada on a student or a work permit for a certain period, you have gained the required skilled experience, expertise in 1 of the 2 Official languages of Canada, you can apply under this category of Express Entry to gain Permanent Resident Visa Status in Canada. The eligibility criteria for the Canadian Experience Class Program is:
    • A candidate must have at least one year’s experience in the Government nominated list of occupation
    • A candidate must have experience in the skills mentioned in the NOC or the National Occupation Code i.e. experience in Managerial Jobs (NOC skill type 0), Professional Jobs (NOC skill type A) and Technical Jobs and Skilled Trades (NOC Skill type B)
    • A candidate must meet the Language requirements



Canada Visitor Visa

A Canada Visitor Visa or the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is a document issued by the Canadian Government to the individuals who wish to enter Canada for a shorter duration. When the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements for admission to Canada as a visitor, the temporary resident visa is issued.

The basic requirements to visit Canada on a tourist visa are:

  • A person must have a valid passport and other supporting documents for your travel;
  • A person must be healthy;
  • A person must be able to impress and convince the visa officer that he has a family back in his home country, property or assets, that would serve as a reason to come back in his home country;
  • A person must convince the Visa Officer that he will go back to his home country once the visa expires;
  • A person must have sufficient funds in his Bank Account to prove that he can support himself and his family;
  • A person must have a Letter of Invitation attached with his visa application. This letter can be obtained from a relative or friend who is already a Canadian Citizen.



Canada Dependent Visa

A person with a Canadian work permit or a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa can bring their spouse, common-law partner and dependent children to Canada on Dependent Visa. The dependents can stay in Canada but cannot work in Canada. If a dependent wants to work, they will have to apply for their own separate work permit to work in Canada.

If you are a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident of Canada, you can sponsor your Spouse, Common-law partner and dependent children (under the age of 17years).

Once you sponsor a dependent to migrate to Canada, you must be able to prove that you can:

  • Meet the basic needs of the dependent- food, clothing and stay;
  • Support the dependent financially;
  • Support all the financial needs of the dependent, so he/she doesn’t ask the Government for any kind of Financial Help.



Canada Provincial Nominee Program

This program allows Canadian Provinces and territories to nominate individuals who wish to settle in Canada and show interest in a particular province or a territory. It is an important fast track option to obtain the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. Every Canadian Province and territory (except Quebec, which has a different selection criteria) have their own unique Nominee Programs.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility parameters are based on the type of your application which is either paper-based (non-express entry streams) or the Express Entry (Express Entry Streams) process.

If applying through the Paper-Based Process:

  • A candidate must meet the minimum requirements of the province or the territory’s eligibility criteria, to which you wish to apply;
  • A candidate must be nominated by the province or the territory after fulfilling all the requirements.

If applying through the Express Entry Process:

  • A candidate must create a Canadian Express Entry Profile and show that he meets the minimum criteria for this program;
  • A candidate must meet the minimum requirements of a Province or territory’s Express Entry Stream;
  • A candidate must be nominated under this program by the Province or the Territory.



Canada start-up Visa

The Canada start-up visa program issues Permanent Resident visas to immigrant entrepreneurs while helping them to become established entrepreneurs in Canada. This program aims to attract and encourage potential immigrant entrepreneurs to grow their companies in Canada. Successful immigrants get in contact with the Canadian private Sector Organizations in Canada, where they receive expert guidance and funding to open and operate their enterprise in Canada.

Eligibility Parameters:

The main aim of this program is to attract innovative foreign entrepreneurs who will create new jobs and support the economic growth in Canada.

To be eligible under the Canada Start-up Visa program, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • A candidate must meet the required language requirement in either English or French (CLB score of 5 in all abilities);
  • A candidate must have sufficient funds in his Bank Account to settle in Canada;
  • A candidate must plan to settle in any Canadian province or territory apart from the Quebec Province;
  • A candidate must pass the security and medical clearances of Canada;
  • A candidate must be able to prove that his Business is supported by a designated organization;
  • A candidate must be able to show that his business meets the ownership criteria.
  • No more than 5 foreign people can apply for Canada Start-up visa as a part of the same business venture.

The duration of this program is five years as of now, and if the program proves to be successful then the Canadian Government may choose to make the Canada Start-up visa program permanent before the end of its 5 years period.



Quebec PR or the Quebec Permanent Resident Visa

The Quebec immigration selection system is different from other Canadian Immigration Programs. It is applicable for people who wish to reside in Montreal or any other place in the Province of Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility:

Applicants who are successful under this program are granted a Quebec Selection Certificate, which is then followed by granting a Canadian Permanent Visa Status.

In order to Qualify for the Quebec Selection Certificate or the (Certificat de sélection du Québec, also known as a CSQ), you must be able to score at least 49 Points if Single and 57 Points if you have a spouse or a common-law partner.

Selection Criteria

Points are allotted on the basis of the following criteria:

Factors Points
Educational Qualification Max. 14 points
Area Of Training Max. 16 points
Valid Employment Offer Max. 10 points
Prior Work Experience Max. 8 points
Current Age Max. 16 points
Language Skills Max. 22 points
Stay And Family In Quebec Max. 8 points
Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics Up to 17 points
Presence Of Accompanying Children Up to 8 points
Financial Self-Sufficiency 1 point

Quebec Skilled Workers applicants must complete all the medical and security clearances required by the Canadian Government to get their Canada PR Visa.

The processing time for this visa may depend on the Visa officer. There is no fixed duration for this visa.



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