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Feedback from our clients...

Introduction session on IELTS

The session was good and informative.It went a little fast than I had expected.


Canada Immigration and PR process

Good insight into understanding immigration process and arranging one-to-one communication is very good. However I want this process to be done for my family at a very slow pace as I am still not decided on whether to immigrate or not. Thanks for the support


really 100% of worthy information is given by the organisers

Those who want to go aboard can meet ISA and make the dream come true

Dr. N zeenath

IELTS training tips

The orientation was good. Mam gave the tips how to overcome the difficulties face during the test and what practice to do everyday basis. But the network issue was a big concern during conversation. The voice from opposite side was regularly disrupting due to network issue , even the call got disconnected during the conversation was going on. It is like not a big issue for others but for a learner to get training from the other end during a telephonic conversation it deserves a big issue. So please kindly fix the issue for the next time.


Seminar and overall coordination

The efforts put in by your team in organising the seminar is praiseworthy.the entire process was very streamlined.keep up the good work. However I would request that similar feed back be taken towards mid of second week.it would be more detailed.



It was very nce to attend the seminar on ISA and immigration services learning.

Prasant kumar singh

Time line

Seminar was very fine. Counseling time line and process need to be shared.


Nice explanation about emigration

Thanks for the session



Hi Seminar was very informative and it serves the purpose of why one should prefer immigration to foreign countries and work in foreign country. Thanks, Pradeep


Clarified all the doubts about Immigration

Seminar was really good to see what's going on immigration and cleared almost every I had before.


Immigration process

Speaker explain well about current job situation in world as well as in india.Also growth ratio.



Seminar was good, answered my question


Immigration seminar

Good and informative.looking forward to get success



seminar was quite interactive and organized.it gives clarity and open my mind again to take decision. I need few clarifications which i could not put in seminar due to shortage of time.Hope same would be answered by Ajitesh.


Feedback on Seminar

The seminar was really interesting and I got to know a lot of things which I did not know earlier such as the demographic profile of Canada vis-a-vis India. I am now looking forward to subsequent guidance from the ISA team. More specifically I am waiting for them to assess my profile and provide me with expert advice on the options available for me.


Eye-Opening Seminar | Average Counselling

To start with, I had little idea that immigration has so many sides to in and the seminar held 13th July in Noida helped me reevaluate and reconsider Immigration from a new perspective. Now, obviously I chose to be evaluated by folks at ISA. I am continuously in the process and almost completed with the workbook. I feel personal interaction could’ve been better provided they have charged us for the same. Looking forward to the evaluation report.


Seminar Feedback

Seminar content and presentation was good. Almost all doubts and qu8solved by Ajitesh Sir.



The seminar was helpful in getting an overview/to set goal and I haSd made payment for initiating the process in couple of months time however I do not know if meanwhile there are few procedure/documents which I need to get ready with to initiate the process.


Immigration for Canada

I would like say thanks for giving me precious knowledge about immigration and facts. ISA team is very professional and working on legality.

Shani Kumar

Canada-PR : initial process

Thanks to show me the directions for Canada-PR.



The seminar attended by me on 29.06.2019 in Hyderabad is very useful for me where i got interest to go abroad and work, very informative.


First impression is the best impression

ISA Global Immigration is a trust worthy consultancy service. The seminar which I attended on 8th June 2019 in Bangalore, was definitely a wonderful opportunity for those who have plans of migrating to abroad countries. Now that I have enrolled for the process looking forward on the best service they could offer for their customers. Although I wish the process to be little more faster so far I'm having a great journey.

Kiran S

Query related to degree/transcripts

Dear Sir/Ma’am Greetings for the day! Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invite which helped in providing the right knowledge and guidance in how to proceed with PR. Having said that, I would like to speak to someone from your organisation in regards with degree/transcripts query. Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you Best Ankur Malhotra



The speaker was very good and professional. No ifs and buts,straight clarifications. Thank you for giving us opportunity to listen to us. One small break of 5 minutes just before the English test would have been Good, as I wrote very casually which would have been entirely different. Thank you and Regards, Looking forward to hear from you.


Feedback for seminar attended

Hello Team ISA, Honestly, I was at the seminar to gage an overview of this immigration process. I was completely new about the information and statistics shared that has built a base for me. I really appreciate the structured process ISA have so that we know on what track are we following and not feel lost to what's gonna happen next. I appreciate the efforts put in by the Mr. Abhishek, the Joint Director to talk with us directly. It gives us to lay the confidence and trust on the company. Well, coming to joining the process, I understand there are around few months for Canadian elections, and need to speed up. But I'll be honest, I have to arrange for fees. I would had appreciate if an approx cost would had shared with us. Thanks team ISA.


Canadian Pr

It was good and informative.



I have attended seminar, it was fabulous. Mr Anurag explained everything in depth . I will be at right position to give right feedback once i avail further services.



The Seminar was really helpful. The best thing is you guys provide data which is very transparent.



The seminar was very useful. Thanks ISA


Went good

I attended seminar on last Saturday that went really good.


Transparent and informative seminar

Certain misconceptions that we Indians have were covered and overall process of immigration was explained properly. Answers to most of our queries were given and am looking forward to taking their help in immigrating to Canada for job.


Feedback about free seminar

It was very well organised and informative. Got many informative knowledge about jobs abroad. All the further process went smoothly and quick. My single suggestion for the free seminar is to give the participants an idea about the first paid registration in advance attending the seminar.



Dear Team It was nice meeting you at your good office today. I got confidence after my first meet with Tania. I shall bring my application at the earliest to Isa.


Feedback on Seminar

It was good and crispy. Knowledgeable and yes definitely clear approach..


When will be asked to come to office

I attended the seminar last Saturday. The seminar was good. Very informative with strong stats, delivered even better. I have been hoping to get a call from ISA so that I can know what to do next.


Canada immigration

Very convincing program why we should opt for PR rather than staying in india. Best information is given during the session.


Seminar for Canada Immigration

I attended the seminar for canada immigration and found it to be really informative. The speaker had insight knowledge of the subject. Even though I have not paid the 1k amount i would like to pursue the process further and would request the team to help me in getting the further information on this process as I am interested in getting the Canada PR



Thank you for the seminar, as it was a very informative time spent. Clearing most of my doubts and filling me with much more eagerness to spend a wonder ful time abroad


Express entry Canada

Very good seminar.



It was a well conducted seminar.


PR Vissa Processing

HI, I have initiated the process for PR evaluation process with ISA. It is very nice with discussion with Mr. Mrinal. Regards,' Tanaij


Regarding the immigiration

The Seminar was very fantastic which was held on 22-12-2018 at Phd chamber of commerce, hauz khas New Delhi.


Data Science

The seminar was very nice and informative.


Canada immigration,

The seminar was very informative. I really liked the analytics shown and research done. I also liked the objective view presented towards immigration.


Good overall idea regarding the migration

It was really a good session. Got to know lot of details regarding migration. Based on the session I have already enrolled myself with company for Canada migration and for the Consultation


Overall experience

It was quite informative session. I have got all the expected information through the seminar. Unfortunately I couldn't registered myself for further process. I would like to register myself for further imigration process. Please let me know when I can register myself for further process.


Counseling Feedback

Excellent Experience


ISA Seminar

Seminar by ISA Director on 1st December, 2018 was excellent in terms of basic information. I request you to include below topics in the seminar. 1. Average cost for Complete process per person or with family. 2. What is the cut off for eligibility points to get a PR or ITA?


The seminar was quite compelling.

The seminar held on 1st of December was quite compelling. The reasons to consider immigration were put forth by the speaker in a convincing manner, backed by facts. I look forward for further interaction.


Immigration Policy

Seminar was full of useful information. Many things that cleared my mind why i want to migratento other country . Also it provided pretty good information about how the immigration process works.



Seminar was very well Organized & well managed, commenced right on time as was Scheduled.



The seminar i attended was very helpful and informative. Hope i get to have the same experience throughout. Thank you!



It was really an amazing experience... Everything was explained in details. Thanks so much for allowing me to attend the seminar.

Jai prakash

Great Seminar

I attended the seminar at delhi on 18th November and it was great learning experience.


ISA Immigration Seminar

Very informative and to the point seminar.


Seminar Feedback

Seminar was informative and our counselor did clarify all our queries in a detailed manner.


Informative Seminar

The seminar was very informative and covered each aspect that needs to be considered before immigrating. Previously I had some doubts which were cleared. I was happy to see that the Director himself was taking the pain to educate people and had good knowledge about the procedure and afterlife of immigration.

Ritu Shah

PR-Visa Processing with Job assistance

The seminar was informative with lot of back end research involved in it which was interesting . personally i was quite impressed, and what amazed me is the systematic professional approach . Enrolled for the process and looking forward to get escorted by ISA team to reach to my destination successfully.



Dear ISA Global Team, I attended the seminar held on 4th Nov'2018 at Mumbai. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Abhijit & was very informative. Best Regards, Sonali


Feedback on seminar

Seminar was a very informative session for me. It helped me in understanding the immigration process. I have initiated the discussion and I am looking forward to the evaluation based on the resume I sent.



He has clear my all doubt related to Immigration.


Process explanation

Such a good experience with ISA. Many thanks



The seminar was extremely good and very informative. The seminar was worth my time. Thank you ISA


Immigration to Canada

The Seminar was nice I came to know a lot of things which were not in my knowledge earlier.


Immigration process seminar

The seminar is helpful and received all the necessary information that requires for immigration process. Key points are explained and also the current situation of most of countries for immigration. Looking forward for immigration.


Great counsellor

Mr. Rangers had been guiding me wonderfully. He has clarified all my doubts. Thank you team IS A


Feedback of seminar

Dear team, It was wonderful and I know many new things over there, but only with one think I am not satisfied, that first you have to process for immigration and then job



Can include more interaction and need specific queries to be addressed along with generic ones


Starting Evaluation process

The seminar was excellent. Hence i enrolled for further process. So far process is good.



Before attending seminar at delhi, i was not aware about what is PR visa, how much it is important to settle abroad, the process to get it, benefits and many more. Highly impressed with the speech of Director because it needs a lot of energy to address for more than 3 hours. Thanks to ISA.


Canada Immigration

The seminar was good as I got to know more about Canada immigration, IELTS test, and latest developments in immigration process.



The seminar was good. Had a good interaction with the instructor & got a fair bit of idea on immigration. Would like to understand more on the steps & processes involved for immigrating to Canada/Australia



Such a great experience. Lots and lots of information received on immigration.The seminar was eye opener and helped me to get many answers and I am confident that ISA team will help me get PR. Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Singh


Gave good briefing about immigration for a person who is not aware of anything.



It was very informative and nicely conducted. Looking forward to the remaining process.


Immigration to Canada and Australia

The seminar was really helpful and answered most of my queries.


ISA Seminar

I have a great experience with ISA Seminar. The seminar was extremely informative and effective, which covered lots of queries. Session was started with positive approach and opportunities, available in abroad. Immediate after broader view, point to point technical issues and relevant information were shared about expected countries, IELTS exam, PR VISA and immigration process etc. The seminar was practically helpful in terms of understanding the immigration procedure, the basic necessities and the appropriate opportunities. Now I am in process and connected with Mr. Naga Prasad and looking forward to take it up my next steps. Thank you very much ISA Global Team.

Neelesh Kumar

Great seminar

Best seminar ever attended on immigration front. Working strategy shows it is being done by some IIM Alumni, they have started holding there customers from first moment itself and step by step very strong follow up. Highly impressed with the follow ups and subject expertise.


Canada PR

The seminar was informative and it has given the required details during 3 hrs. The follow up post seminar is really prompt so far.



It was a clear and easy to understand session with lots of clarity.


Immigration to Canada

Thank you ISA Global for supporting our dreams and aspirations at every step. The seminar was a huge eye-opener and instilled a sense of willingness to reach beyond. It also helped me with resolute decision making.


relationship manager

I feel like the process is moving ahead very slowly, though the whole step by step process looks very professional.


Seminar and evaluation feedback

I got more information due to the seminar. Evaluation process also taken less time. THANKS TO ISA TEAM.



Best information I got from seminar regarding immigration.

Syed Abdullah


I am really impressed with the seminar and clear all the doubts which was in my mind.


Seminar feedback

The seminar was encouraging and the information provided was thorough. It was interactive and filled with tips amd tricks about immigration. Time duration was perfect.


A good start

Hi ISA Team, It has been a good start and you have created sufficient confidence in me that I have selected a right decision with teaming up with you. Waiting for the next steps with you. Regards, Vishal


Feedback on Seminar

I have attended seminar of ISA Global held in Noida and the information provided in seminar regarding different countries immigration was good.



Seminar at Noida was mind opening session with a perspective of immigration benefits ( why immigration) , Investments comparison and more importantly the success Traits - Hard Work/Risk Taking ability /listening . Looking forward for Right mentor-ship and step by step guidance for Joy of success.



Very interactive and healthy session.


seminar feedback

Good seminar, so valuable information regarding process.

Venkata siva


Very helpful info provided.



Mr mrinal sharma explained the process of immigration which provides valuable information.It was helpful to know how to enhance the chances of getting through to immigrations at desired country.Looking forward to start the next process soon . Md Faizullah

Mohammed Faizullah

nice info...

seminar is informative. it did solve many open questions about immigration. I definitely encourage to attend seminar.

kunisetty venkata


The seminar conducted by Mr Ajitesh was really helpful and informative. Really looking forward to the counselling sessions

Vineeth M


Seminar was nicely designed, crisp, to the point. Organizers know their work well and provide good assessment and support.


Seminar feedback

I attended seminar held at PhD chambers. The seminar was very informative. I had so many doubts which were cleared about immigration process. Now in touch with Mr Randeep who is very cooperative and always available to talk. Overall good experience till now. Best of luck to ISA team.



Good Seminar, for all the beginners who are planning to migrate.



ISA is the best agency which understands the people face issues while making up their minds for immigration. They are able to clarify your each and every doubts effectively. Looking forward to opting their service. I hope they will be equally helpful in the further process. I can achieve my dream soon. - Prakash


Canda PR

Overall statisfactory looking next level of experience



The Immigration Seminar was very informative. It has increased my visibility towards this option and hence some motivation to pursue it irrespective of my family decision. Local and global challenges were discussed which make immigration a positive option. It also helped to calibrate financial health.


Excellent session and support

Have attended the seminar on last week. The way the presenter explained the things were really good. Most common queries were addressed well and also the simple working session on English test should be appreciated. Another team member reached through emails and the evaluation process was explained clearly which I liked the most. Few clarifications needs to be addressed and I am expecting a call back very soon. Overall experience till date is great!!


Counseling for Canada PR



Dear sir/madam, Seminar was very good. Many doubt have clear in seminar, but some other doubt have still pending. It may be clear in meeting.



Seminar was very good. It helped in understanding the various aspects of immigration process and how to prepare for the same


Good at making understand the process and it's importance

They are very good at making you understand the process and it's nitty gritty. It was a good experience talking to them.



Seminar was very helpful and useful for immigrants. It gave new strategic approach for planning PR Visa. Thanks.


Seminar by Abhijeet

It's an excellent seminar and am very excited for the further process and hope will definitely very get Canada PR soon


Good Seminar

Good Seminar


Canadian Immigration

Seminar was well arranged and many questions were answered. Hope to have one on one meeting soon to discuss things in details. Happy for having dedicated counsellor telling various things.


Feedback on the seminar

I attended the seminar in Chennai on April 28th 2018. It was a very informative and it covered all the points that i had queries with. It gave me a clear understanding on all the immigration related details, and it was conducted very professionally.



It was a fairly good seminar which makes us understand what should we expect related to immigration facts and bunk the myths.


Feedback on seminar

The seminar was very informative and insights into many areas of immigration. I Would like to have a one on one discussion to have a clear picture of the process.


Informative & Effective Seminar

I recently attended the seminar conducted by Mr. Abhijeet (one of the directors of ISA Global) and it was a really good experience. The seminar well organised and started right on time. The seminar was very informative and provided good insight into the immigration scenarios over the globe. Mr. Abhijeet clarified almost all the general doubts which motivated me to proceed forward with the immigration process.


Seminar at Hyderabad

Seminar was excellent. Before the seminar lot of misconceptions were there in my mind related to immigration process as most of the consulting companies will not emphasis on IELTS and the score for the induviduals. However ISA has not been such in that prospect of view and the CEO of it clearly explained about it which was very impressive especially to me. Looking forward to it. Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

Re settling in Abroad

Seminar is very informative and more information shared to the participants about the immigration process.

S Venkata

Seminar in Hyderabad

I attended ISA seminar at Hyderabad. Speaker had the excellent knowledge on immigration processes. The seminar was well organised and it was very informative for me as I didn't had any prior knowledge. Also, post seminar followups response is good and I am excited to go with ISA for further processing.


Sub:Seminar In Lucknow

Thanks ISA Global and all Team members to being a part with all people of Lucknow.


A part from documents is there any class room trainings?

The communication was very transparent and informative


Loved it

It was a very engaging seminar. I have already gone ahead with the evaluation. Let's see how things turn out.


Informative Seminar

I attended the seminar few days back and it was very informative and well organised. Looking forward to proceed futher for the visa process.


Great Experience

It was more informative and clarified all my doubts. I am very happy with the presentation and also the counseling process



The session was very informative.


About immigration

Seminar was too good, learn lot of interesting things there related to immigration process



It was good.. It's enhanced my knowledge and build belief & trust in ISA



I attended seminar in noida and got clarity about immigration .It was well informative session,looking forward for the more support in immigration


Very good and interesting seminar, learn a lot about immigration process. And unknown facts come in front of me

Very good seminar, know lot of unknown things there about immigration process



It was good



Well Qualified and experienced People and really motivating for immigration why and how and the best thing was the way they introduced and explain the proceedure no one even felt that they have been there for non stop 3 hours. Excellent.



Good session, looking forward for PR Visa with a job in Canada in next 6 months


Over all information

Good session which has given complete positive information. Registered to get further assistance.


ISA Seminar

Good . I got clarity on lot of things . Like PR process , Benefits of the immigration. ..Ext .



Hi Team, Seminar was really informative and convincing. The team appears to be professional in this immigration business. They are providing all necessary information and also addressing the questions which are raised. I haven't opted for IR on the day of the seminar, can you please call me or let me know where can i call and discuss the rest of the process. Thanks, Abhijit


Immigration Process

this seminar clear my vision for immigration and clear my all doubts.


Feedback on Seminar

The seminar was highly useful in terms of understanding the process, the current requirements and the opportunities.Waiting for the further discussion with the ISA.


Seminar Feedback

Very Informative. Needed more information on certain points but I think they can be cleared in one to one meeting.


Seminar feedback

I attended ISA Seminar along with my spouse and we understood the immigration process and PR Process. We are interested to move to Canada.



Hi All, I am satisfied with the seminar. Looking forward the call from ISA to proceed next level. Regards Rajkumar



Hi Team, Thank you to Mr. Abihjit for bringing to us a very informative real seminar in Hyderabad. I am inclined for the immigration for the Canada shortly. Thank you for the great encouragement which you have provided us and to up lift the future of each individual. God Bless You! Regards, Fazal




Informative session

The counselling was informative and allowed me to make a decision based on the facts.



Good to know about myths and overall Good experience on seminar.



Very Important Seminar Done with lots of Information. Thanks a lot Sir.


Feedback on Seminar

Seminar was very informative and clears many of my doubts/concerns. I am in very initial stage of discussion with my family and taking decision to step further. I love to get in touch with someone and really appreciate to get call from team.


ISA Seminar

Very Informative.


Feedback on Seminar

Seminar was very informative and gave a great insight on benefits of immigration. The seminar literally prompted me to take the decision to immigrate. All good so far. I am waiting for next steps and hoping for the best.



The seminar has cleared lot of myths about immigration and was informative. Looking forward to get this process done through


Seminar Feedback - Pune

Thanks for arranging such an informative seminar :) Looking forward to my assessment results. Fingers crossed!


Regarding reach-ability for queries

I have been constantly in touch with Harini, the mentor who tracks my progress. She is always reachable and if I send her a text message to call me, she would call me as soon as possible. My only feedback is that sometimes when I really wanted about something, I may not end up talking to her instantly but need to wait in few occasions. However, whatever queries I have, are addressed and resolved. Other than that, so far, things seem to go fine and hoping to end up reaching my dream destination :)



I attended the seminar last week and had good information regarding migration process and why to migrate to countries like Australia and Canada. I am looking for this exciting journey.


Seminar presentation

Presentation of seminar was quite impressive. Based on the fact I will decide when I will start


Regarding seminar

Value-adding seminar by Anurag.


Quality of details about the Process

You guys have very good details about the overall process and I liked the way of suggesting candidates the right options as per their profile to get maximum benefits. Regards Ravi


Good presentation

Good presentation and seminar , covered all relevant details.



The seminar was well structured and gave logical insights which have formed the cornerstone of my decision.



The seminar conducted by ISA Global did meet expectations. It was presented in an impressive way. I hope we continue this journey and attain the main objective of PR


Awesome Seminar and Guidance

The seminar conducted by Mr. Abhijeet was awesome. I got to know detailed information regarding the PR process. I am now looking forward to carry my PR application with ISA Global. Thank you once again for your guidance and help!


Great pieces of information

I attended seminar on 18-03-2018. I can say it was a good seminar, almost all initial questions were addressed. For initial evaluation process I am very satisfied with the ISA team.


Precise and well delivered

We really liked the seminar. It gave us good understanding of the process. Thanks