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Unable to connect with anyone

Hi, this is Sneha Shiradkar. I had signed up with ISA global in May 2023. I had paid an amount of Rs 50000. The last I spoke to a person was in November 2023. I couldn't follow up with the application for some time due to personal issues. When I'm trying to contact people whose contacts were provided, none of them are reachable. Can someone please contact me.

Sneha Shiradkar

Unable to connect with anyone

Hi, this is Sneha Shiradkar. I had signed up with ISA global in May 2023. I had paid an amount of Rs 50000. The last I spoke to a person was in November 2023. I couldn't follow up with the application for some time due to personal issues. When I'm trying to contact people whose contacts were provided, none of them are reachable. Can someone please contact me.

Sneha Shiradkar

Unable to connect with anyone

Hi, this is Sneha Shiradkar. I had signed up with ISA global in May 2023. I had paid an amount of Rs 50000. The last I spoke to a person was in November 2023. I couldn't follow up with the application for some time due to personal issues. When I'm trying to contact people whose contacts were provided, none of them are reachable. Can someone please contact me.

Sneha Shiradkar

Unable to connect with anyone

Hi, this is Sneha Shiradkar. I had signed up with ISA global in May 2023. I had paid an amount of Rs 50000. The last I spoke to a person was in November 2023. I couldn't follow up with the application for some time due to personal issues. When I'm trying to contact people whose contacts were provided, none of them are reachable. Can someone please contact me.

Sneha Shiradkar


Prerna is always willing to help.

Ravi Venkitaraman


Prerna is always a great help.

Ravi Venkitaraman


Prerna is always a great help.

Ravi Venkitaraman


Prerna is always a great help!

Ravi Venkitaraman


Prerna is always a great help!

Ravi Venkitaraman


Prerna is always a great help!

Ravi Venkitaraman


Prerna is always a great help!

Ravi Venkitaraman



Ielts- training

The first class of General training IELTS went good. But the trainer voice is not much audible. Can you please maintain the trainer audio little audible for next training sessions.

S Kumar Raj


Overall experience is good

Prem Prasanna T J


Vijender Thakur

IELTS Training

Good evening, I have almost completed the training with ISA for my IELTS exam and would like to thank my trainer Divya ma'am for guiding me throughout the training. She was always patient and kind enough to solve my queries. I would also like to extend my thanks to Gayatri ma'am, who in the absence of Divya ma'am helped me with additional tips and tricks and also shared strategies for all the modules. She also made it a point that I have understood everything and have all my doubts cleared before I take the tests. Thank you for being so patient enough, I really appreciate it. Thank you for being a great support throughout. Regards.

Ayesha Shaikh

Orientation programme

It was a good orientation and all doubts were clear

Ketan Sawant

Online webinar on PR 29 Oct 22

I attended online webinar today . Very impressive. I have a suggestion for the company . Please open one immigration office in Jalandhar/ Chandigarh since Punjab is a huge potential for people for PR to Canada. I will help company to set the office here.

Pawan Nagpal

IELTS Orientation Call

Orientation call was good, addressed to all my queries in detail as well as catered to the specificities of all different sections of IELTS, LRWS.

Aman Prasad


Prasana explained each and every module with time duration excellently. She cleared perfectly my very doubts with good explanation.



It is vary useful

Sanjib Kumar Naik


Feedback session with experts trainer was good and I am getting good and honest advice for my improvement area for all section...

Tenzin Lhawang

EOI application

neha singh


Very supportive. Provide detail information every time.

Gaurav Ahuja

IELTS Training

I do not remember the exact number, but this has roughly been my 4 or 5th training session with Ms Divya. It was a good and fruitful session. Previously, I have also been getting some written feedback. I especially like the detailed feedback which is provided. It shows the dedication and interest of the trainer in giving constructive feedback. I appreciate the practical tips provided and links provided for extra reading. She is polite, understanding and not in too much of a hurry which is needed.

Dr. (Ms) Puneet Sandhu

IELTS - feedback session 1

The session was very informative and the details provided on the areas that I had done well and to improve were explained. Surely the session was very important in terms of understanding where i am currently and what can be done to improve too.

Ashwin C Anand

Good interaction

Pulkit Khare


Thank you so much team for providing complete information regarding Canada PR VISA and also for providing an clear orientation regarding the process.

Roshan Lal Sharma

IELTS Training

This was my first orientation and training call with my trainer Ms Divya. I was given a comprehensive view of all the sections of the IELTS exam i.e Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. I was further given the details and pointers to be kept in mind for each section of the test. I will certainly keep in mind the points while attempting each section. I would especially like to appreciate the calm and relaxed manner in which the interaction was held without any rush. A student at any stage likes to be heard by the teacher. I am now ready to dive in with practising the tests. Like they say well begun is half done. Hoping for the best ahead.

Dr. Puneet Sandhu

overview of Exam

Session was satisfactory..Kindly share a recording of the same if possible ,as my wife is also part of this..But she cant attend due to timing issues


IELTS Training

Divya explained, in an easy to understand manner, all aspects of the IELTS examination and the approach that needs to be followed for training in the next 3 months.

Ravi Venkitaraman


Orientation was more informative and cleared my doubts.

Swapnil shelke


The IELTS trainer explained the mistakes I did in my practice test-1 from Book 11. She gave valuable feedback. My wife is little average in English and trainer is so fast in providing feedback that she can't grab it. It was first training session, please be little slow in explaining things.

Dheeraj Chhabra



Trupti Dere

Great councelling

I felt the handholding till now was great experience.



the first day of my IELTS training is very helpful and informative. GOOD


Excellent trainers and coordinators


Session with the trainer

Lokanadham Naidu Vadlamudi


We started the process of PR application after attending a seminar by ISA Global a couple of years ago. We had many apprehenisons about the whole process , funds required and the steps needed. Priya guided us and helped us immensely throughout the process. She patiently answered all our queries and clarified everything we asked. We finally got our COPR recently and we will move to Canada shortly. She continues to support us and encourage us thoroughly. This has been a great experience for us. ISA has delivered as promised , without any doubt. The time, effort and investment in this process has finally been fruitful for us. Thank You

Vijay Padaguri


Clearly explained the PR process during orientation



The orientation was too good and was very clear point to point. All the query's were cleared time to time.



Hi Pawan, I would like to express my token of appreciation towards the orientation you have done . It really helped me to understand the process and flows well. thank you!!



The orientation session on WED and EOI filing was very useful.

Gautham Gopalakrishnan

Orientation call regarding IELTS material and pattern

The orientation call was good, all doubts and queries were cleared about Material and exam patterns. had a discussion on how to approach practice.

Raghbendra Pandey

IELTS preperation

The orientation session was really good, looking forward for the upcoming session. Thankyou

shrutika shingare



Keyur Patel

Feedback for IELTS training

Session was excellent. Ma'am gave very useful tips and tricks to tackle writing and reading sections.

Arshi Khan

Ielts training

Anshum is really very good trainer

Shivani Umang Parikh


This is to infirm that Ms. Prerna Arora is very supportive and helpful. Her help has been invaluable to me, and I don’t know how I would have managed without her help and support. Again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate her generosity. Regards Apurva K. Domadia -

Apurva Kirti Domadia

Feedback Session with Trainer for IELTS Preparation

We would like to have the written comments of the trainer's feedback for our Test Submissions. Please share the same with us.

Terrance Amen Irwin

Skill Assessment

Informative session and guidance provided.

Priscilla John


The orientation session went very well. I had a very good interaction with the tutor where I have got answers to the questions that I had pertaining to IELTS modules.

NagaChaitanya Chandarllapati

I want to go abroad

Sir please give me your Pune address

Kanhaiya Prajapati


Hello ISA team, With the guidance of the expert members in the ISA global fraternity, we were able to secure our Canada PR visa. We made our first landing in Toronto on 27 Feb 2021 and activated our visa. That one seminar by Mr. Anurag Mehra changed our life. We were impressed when you did not service lunch during the seminar. That made us sign up for your services. Thanks to all the advice and guidance provided to us on the IELTS preparation and process to be followed for the Canada PR visa submission. We are sure to recommend ISA to our friends for their migration needs. Thanks, Nitesh and Aishwarya Chennai



I'm keen to know more about the process and procedure moving forward. Attending seminar gave me a lot more insight and Very informative which shows transparency in what I have to focus and make a move.

Arshi Quraishi

ILETS Orientation

Was super helpful. The call got disconnected since the trainer couldn't hear me after 30mins. But the session was almost complete just that I had the last question. I checked in with Monika after the call and she was helpful in clarifying my questions as well since the call with the trainer got disconnected.

Akhil Menon


I'm quite impressed by the way ISA is taking care of their applicants. They are always in touch and keep up the good work.


Speaking and Writing only

Good interactive session with the trainer to know the mistakes and to improve, Thanks.

Arockiasundaram Gabriel


Has good knowledge about the processes.

Sumedh Borkar


Overall experience is good. Appreciate the time and effort in answering the queries.

Rajeswara Bandaru

IELTS exam related

Training was good.

Mekala Kalyan kumar

Training Sessions

Extremely happy with the Training Session. The feedback was good and beneficial and I got to know about new sites for Ielts preparation. Just loved the way Deepti assesses the answer sheet and gives feedback.


IELTS General test

It was a good and informative session. The trainer shared tips on improving my overall scores.

Meghana Bhat

Education Assessment

she is very responsive and I am happy with her suggestions till date

Kaveri Das


My COPR had expired in May 2020, but I could not land in Canada due to lockdown. Thanks Etika for assisting me with my queries.

Vasanthakumar E

IELTS Training Introduction

It is a good IELTS training-introduction session with Kirat.

Alex Kateina

Counsellor for my training

I am very impressed with my counsellor and i like the way she explain me.



I shared test results after the Test 1 was completed. Insights shared by my trainer were very valuable based on the results of writing & speaking sections. Input received post review of Listening & Reading sections were very clear and guidance shared on improving score and setting goals was also terrific. Overall, I like the engagement with iSA. Very professional, timely & helpful.

Kameswaran Pandian

IELTS overview

It was very good, detailed and informative. The trainer gave a broad of the IELTS exam format and was able to answer all my questions clearly.

Meghana Bhat

Breakup on point calculation scenarios

Happy to see a detailed calculations which was very helpful to iron out the doubts corresponding to who need to be primary applicant among ourselves. Thanks Pankaj

Pankaj arora

After attending seminar the counselling was very helpful

Priyanka has helped me out solving all my doubts and guiding through everything required to know. ISA is providing quality service and hope further it continues with same. Thank you and seminar was good too.

Noorzeba Mullaji

Positive Feedback

Seminar which was conducted gave a brief idea about the country, it's requirement & why somebody should think of immigration. Further, would like to thank Mr. Sanket Gawde who is my counselor for providing information in terms of CRS, Nomination Program, steps to take for further processing etc. Also, he was very helpful in resolving all doubts that I raised & was available on call as & when required. Once again thank you for the guidance & support.

Abhishek Manoharan

Informative and Up to the mark.

Thank you for the lovely, informative and to the point seminar. It was a great experience. Regards, Arnav Roychoudhury

Arnav Roychoudhury

Overall orientation and process clearance

I got very good overall orientation and process knowledge by attending the seminar given by Anurag Mehara the Director. He cleared all our doubts about immigration. It helped me a lot.

Mallikarjuna Kolloju


Seminar was eye opening and very informative.

shagufta Jabeen beigh


Counseling was informative and he could answer all the questions. We are not proceeding further due to financial constraints and found your package expensive. We will get back to you in future.

Surya Kashyap

Seminar and evaluation process

Seminar was really great. Almost it has covered all of my clarifications. Vishal explained in detail about PR Visa process. Looking forward for upcoming processes



Seminar was good. I got a broader perspective about opportunities, lifestyle and expenses abroad. It would have been better if it wasn't assumed that everyone wants to move to abroad for money.



Seminar was good and mostly all my doubts were clear.


Immigration Seminar feedback

Overall seminar was good & I got cleared my most of queries & doubts about immigration to Canada or Australia


Evaluation of points based on age

Gaurvi has explained each and every factor very excellently. I have got a better idea about immigration process which i was not at all aware all of these years. Thanks Gaurvi for taking more time in explaining most of the things and educating me..

K. Srinivas


I take this opportunity to share my opinion about the team of ISA. They are really amazing and very informative from the day one. I am in touch with Ms Gaurvi who is the counsellor for me right now and I am very impressed the way she guide me. I am being followed up on regular basis and find the team very responsible towards their clients and show almost dedication.

K Sridevi

Introduction session on IELTS

The session was good and informative.It went a little fast than I had expected.



Over all experience is good till time.


Canada Immigration and PR process

Good insight into understanding immigration process and arranging one-to-one communication is very good. However I want this process to be done for my family at a very slow pace as I am still not decided on whether to immigrate or not. Thanks for the support


ISA scope

The seminar was very useful. It will surely help me to rethink my career options. The evaluation process was outstanding.



My counsellor was truthful, she told what was the best option for me and gave me the facts which I had expected. Other immigration services, tell a lie for the sake of service sales and tell that we are eligible, but ISA has not done that, they stick to the basics and were very honest.


Seminar and post seminar

The information provided during the seminar helped me understand the pros and cons on why to immigrate. Also, post seminar the analysis of my profile and the next steps shared had every detail with the timelines. Highly appreciate it.


Migration to Canada

Excellent session which helped to make me the decision of migration.

Husain Zakir Karjatwala

really 100% of worthy information is given by the organisers

Those who want to go aboard can meet ISA and make the dream come true

Dr. N zeenath

Seminar and Evaluation

The seminar was very well articulated and the flow of information was very apt as per the audience. My questions were answered even before i could raise them. i hope to have a similar experience during the evaluation process.



The process is good and it helped me have a better perspective of the advantages of working abroad and having a better quality of living .



Seminar was really descriptive and very helpful for immigration processes.


Feedback on counseling

Nice Experience Whenever have a call regarding any doubt or further Process Ms. Gaurvi explaining in very well manner to resolved my doubt. Thank you very much.. Vinit


Cool response even though they were unhealthy (Cold and broken voice)

Harini gave a detailed explanation on different processes involved during the 2 weeks time. I was damn busy in the first week. I couldn't get in touch but they were constantly in touch with us - waiting for our time as well.


Seminar points

Found pretty good. It enlightened me. Wishing that ISA will consider me for moving abroad.


ISA Global - A professional organization with very cooperative personnel

The day, I attended the Seminar from ISA Global, I made my mind to go for immigration. The speaker in the seminar presented the facts and figures about immigration very well. Lots of my doubts, myths and misconceptions were cleared by ISA Global. Many thanks to the speaker !! After I collaborated my journey with ISA Global, the response I got was really amazing from my counselor - Tania. Thanks a lot to my counselor !! If anyone reading this review, is thiniking about immigration, I would recommend him to opt for ISA Global, as they are really professional and experienced in this field of immigration.


Seminar was very good and informative

I loved the way of presenting and covering all the informations related to immigration and the expats in Canada/Australia


Nice Experience

Whenever have a call regarding any doubt or further Process Ms. Tania explaining in very well manner to resolved my doubt. Thank you very much


Regd Counselling

Satisfied with the lucid explanation of process


Good introduction to the topic unknow

I visited the seminar with empty brain and no information about the PR and likewise not sure what was it. This was just a try on something unknown. After attending the seminar, the concept of PR, why is it important, how and what is required to get PR are mostly clear. So need to say thank you for throwing light on the topic and wish ISA helps go further in the process with more guidance on the way.


Seminar feedback

Dear sir/madam It was a very useful seminar for me &Mr Mehra sir nicely explained in detail about process of immigration & clear many daubt which I have in mind . Thanks to Mr. Mehra sir & ISA team, I will definitely in touch with you from January onwards for preparation.


Feedback regarding Seminar

Hi, It was pleasure attending the seminar in Kalyaninagar for CAN PR. It was very informative and fruitful. Expect same experience while the evaluation process which is going on and will conclude by 15th December. Regards, Ashutosh.



The whole process till now is very fast and it shows the professionalism and dedication of ISA.Seminar was very effective and eye opener for those who are serious about their career.Thank you till now for quick response.


Regarding Counselling

I do get daily responses from Gaitri regarding any blocker or query and it's been 3 days since the process has started and so far it was good. Would like to see how the process goes on regarding query resolution/ clarification in the upcoming 10 days.


Canada PR

The seminar was very informative and descriptive, i look forward to speak to you in greater detail about the process and service deliver

Amit Kumar

I'm glad I took a right move.

Hi Team, the seminar not only addressed FAQ's and also showcased the future with available proofs in a bigger scale. Pretty much impressed with the way you follow the clients through Emails, calls & text MSG's. Looking forward to start the journey and wish to make my dream come true.

P Krishna


Abhijeet explained the situation in India and showcased how settling abroad will lead to a better quality of life. It’s very real and we need to act fast.


Seminar feedback

It was interesting session.Anurag has explained most the things.One suggestion please also discuss the cons in canada too like heavy taxes n all.



that was a good and informative seminar



i was attended seminar sec week of NOV. It is very responsive counseling and orientation sessions for immigration seeking candidates


IELTS Training Introduction

I have attended the IELTS training session. She has given the introduction on how to approach or write the test and what is the score I need to score. She also said in detail about each and every section of the IELTS test along with tips and tricks on how to crack the exam. I am not so good in grasping everything I am am slow learner but this is a useful session overall.


IELTS training tips

The orientation was good. Mam gave the tips how to overcome the difficulties face during the test and what practice to do everyday basis. But the network issue was a big concern during conversation. The voice from opposite side was regularly disrupting due to network issue , even the call got disconnected during the conversation was going on. It is like not a big issue for others but for a learner to get training from the other end during a telephonic conversation it deserves a big issue. So please kindly fix the issue for the next time.


Seminar and overall coordination

The efforts put in by your team in organising the seminar is praiseworthy.the entire process was very streamlined.keep up the good work. However I would request that similar feed back be taken towards mid of second would be more detailed.


Looking forward to associate with you for further process

Dear Team,The seminar was very informative, I am glad to attend the Training, Looking forward to associate with you for further process. Regards, Chetan



Thanks for wonderful session..


Regarding Seminar Feedback

Nice Seminar and shared detailed knowledge.



It was very nce to attend the seminar on ISA and immigration services learning.

Prasant kumar singh


I have had a wonderful seminar. It was pretty informative and insightful. Looking forward to work with my consular on further process

Yeshvir Singh

Evaluation Process and Guidance

I have attended seminar and it was very impressive, I am in touch with Tania Verma she guided me very well moving forward with the PR process. Thanks, Nitin Kumar


Seminar & Counselling

Thank you ISA for all the positive feedback and support towards my Canada PR process. After attending the seminar and Counselling they are clear about the approach and process. They are always happy to help with all the doubts and questions that we have through out the process. I have already enrolled with ISA for Canada immigration PR. Regards, Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar


Sir, I'm so glad to have a wonderful seminar session with you. Soon I'll contact you regarding canada visa, as I'm PhD in Computer science and engineering and having 35 age with 10 years of experience as faculty member. Thank you and regards, Dr Kuldeep


Evaluation process and initial guidance

ISA is very professional in the work what they are doing. Timely and quick updates from the counselor are very helpful. Happy with the service from ISA.


Seminar is Impressive

Seminar is impressed which has given most of the information and cleared most of my assumptions.


Time line

Seminar was very fine. Counseling time line and process need to be shared.


Clearing questions

Naga has helped us in explaining of our concerns and explained about the process very well.


Seminar process & one to one feedback session

Firstly, the seminar conducted was really good due to which i had enrolled for the counselling session. I spoke to other consultancy executives before as well but after enrolling with ISA, I feel you guys are more reliable. I made a list of my doubts and concerns regarding the immigration process and sanket has helped me with all of that during one to one counselling session. Great work dude!!! I'm still in touch with him and he is helping me & guiding me in every possible way.


Canada pr, aipp,rnip

Seminar is very informative & excellent seminar ieagerly moving ahead with pr.process



Since now from seminar is all ok...seminar was absolutely fine and satisfied....



Till now I have attended the seminar and it looks impressive. I am in touch with supreet and she is guiding me well and making me aware of each and every process.


Startup process

Good explanation


Nice explanation about emigration

Thanks for the session


Excellent seminar

Informative and excellent seminar, now moving ahead with the PR process.



Good Seminar. Hope the Visa process will be done as said in Seminar



Well the seminar session was quite interactive and helped a lot to clear the self doubts.



Thanks for the whole seminar attended on 29/09/2019. First time i attended seminar for abroad jobs i come to know about work, responsibilities, rules and regulations. Counselling given by Abhijeet is excellent and explained all work process for Immigration, Visa, English Test, skill Assessment.


Evaluation process & initial guidance

Yesterday I had a call with Mr. Mrinal Sharma from ISA Pune Branch, and discussed regarding prospectus and opportunities available for my immigration application. Most importantly, I am really impressed with process set-up by ISA and gives me confident that I am not directed or guided to wrong path from wrong person. There are many consultants working with wrong practices which aim for monetary benefits and processes everyone's application. Which is waste of time & money for both. Thus, I appreciate this bold and sincere decision of ISA. Look forward for your directions for further process of immigration. Harsh


Seminar and Guidance

I have recently attended Seminar for travelling aboard, it was type of eye opener and very informative.



Counselor (Harini) is very helpful and friendly. She gives genuine advise.


Canada PR

I appreciate the great work done by Priyanka madam in evaluation of my Canada PR. Most of my doubts are cleared regarding the process & planning to enroll with them for immigration. Further hoping to get excellent help & support from ISA Global team.


Canada Immigration

Very responsive conseling and orientation sessions for immigration seeking candidates



Hi Seminar was very informative and it serves the purpose of why one should prefer immigration to foreign countries and work in foreign country. Thanks, Pradeep



The introduction call with the IELTS trainer was very clear and informative. She explained every thing in detail.


Good Seminar

Its a good eye opener to understand the myths to travel to a foreign country


Bringing clarity on Assumptions

I attended the seminar conducted by one of the director. The presentation was made in a reasonable and logical way so that any new person can understand the importance of Immigration and the overall immigration process. Fear of getting a job in new country was completely eliminated by the director's speech. Seminar gave me a better hope and enforced me to start the process immediately. I thank ISA team for the seminar and the continue guidance. Regards, Thilak S V


First call IELTS Training

Hi, Right time we started the discussion, Trainer started with optimistic approach as well as trying to made me understand each and every important and small points. She covered all points and also helped me to clarify my queries. During discussion She was also motivating me to crack IELTS exam with positive zeal and hard work. Keen to have more discussion as per process. Hope to have good journey!!!!


Seminar and Counselling clear early doubts

I attended one of the seminars in Pune. A few of my doubts about migrating to Canada were clarified and I felt I should carry on with the process through ISA. The counselors are also helpful and quickly respond to queries. I have enrolled to get mentored by ISA.


Migration to Canada

I have attended the Seminar that was conducted on 21/09/2019 in Hyderabad by ISA, I was very much impressed with the content and the way the seminar was conducted, This clarified all my doubts about migrating to Canada and i initiated the process.


Feedback for Counselor

Counselor (Harini) is very helpful and friendly. She gives genuine advise. She explained the process in detail to me. I am more confident on getting the PR after speaking to her.


seminar & counseling

hi i attended a seminar in pune on 7 September 19 , many useful informations regarding to canadian PR was provide by director of isaglobal . many things i already know as my sister & cousin sister living in Montreal & Toronto. some other important information is also provided by them , which help me to know about job senario in our country & other country. thanks for inviting me for that seminar.


Seminar Feedback

Hi Team, Thanks for the warm welcome session conducted by one of the Director and that was inspiring as well as awesome speech to motivate people go and search for abroad opportunities. Information provided was very much self explanatory and presentation was also very much simple and precise on the concept which we are dealing with current scenario. Thanks & Regards, Ranjith R


Clarified all the doubts about Immigration

Seminar was really good to see what's going on immigration and cleared almost every I had before.


IELTS Training Session -I

Instructor describes format for IELTS Test in detail. At the end she clears all our small queries related to IELTS practice


Seminar outcome

Seminar helped me a lotttt to understand the present job condition of our country vs other countries...It also helped me to understand the right direction of my career path ...


Seminar Feedback

I really appreciate the way the seminar was conducted and has covered almost everything for someone who is just at the initial phase of deciding whether to go for the PR process or not. Seminar has very much to the point slides which are backed up by figures and facts which impress me a lot. Manoj

Manoj Kumar


it was a very good seminar



The seminar was very informative and valuable. It has given a wide prospective of PR and got a clarity on what to be focused further


Regarding introduction session on taking IELTS test

The introduction session was really nice in which all sections were walked through and several tips were shared.


foreign job opportunity

It was nice explaination.and after seminar i am getting answer of all my queries through messages in very satisfactory level.still i am in the process of pr in foreign country.i hope i will get which i desire for my future through isa.


Start up Process

The seminar was very informative and gives ample reasons to think about the immigration. I am thinking of immigration and hope I will finalize it after I go through the two weeks assesment.



The seminar was good and got a lot of information about immigration. This helped me to take a step to move ahead


Seminar on Immigration

Seminar was very informative and cleared my many doubts and assumptions about the immigration.Thanks to ISA Director & Team again for sharing such a informative and valuable Knowledge.


Immigration process

Speaker explain well about current job situation in world as well as in india.Also growth ratio.


Seminar on Immigration

Hi Would like to thank Mr. Abhijit for such a great and informative seminar, it was really an eye opener, whatever myths or doubts that I had regarding immigration were cleared in a very simple manner, and with ease. Now once the process is clear the path seems much simpler than what earlier i used to think. Wish i could have attended the seminar earlier, but as the old adage goes 'better late than never'. Thanks Rishabh


Seminar on Immigration

It was a great seminar conducted by Mr.Abhijit, he helped me on clearing my initial doubts in regards to immigration process & shared the facts involved in the process. Seminar helped me on thinking to opt for this opportunity for a bright future.



Seminar came out too be quiet relevant and informative. Before attending same there were many questions unanswered in my mind which i tried to resolve from net surfing and other resources.We were not able to get right answers therefore there was always ambiguity to take decisions. But we have made up our mind post this seminar.



The Seminar really helped me a lot in understanding the importance of immigration, feature and points to look before applying for PR to a certain country. I am looking to work abroad with my family and your seminar has really helped me in mapping the things with reality. I would surely going for the process. Thank you again for sharing such a informative and valuable Knowledge.



Seminar was good, answered my question


Canada Immigration

Initially I was very skeptical about the whole PR process. The seminar helped a lot in placing myself in the right track. Now we have taken a step forward. I appreciate the effort taken by ISA to motivate people looking forward to migrate. It could've been at a different timing though.

Dipika M

Immigration seminar

Good and informative.looking forward to get success



The seminar was very informative and valuable. It has given a wide prospective of PR and got a clarity on what to be focused further


Seminar Feedback

Seminar was very good. It is very helpful for me as it resolves my doubts about the immigration process. It also help me to understand the benefits and the process of immigration. Vicky


Feedback on Seminar

The session was conducted by Mr. Abhijit. He is having sound knowledge of immigration process and has delivered interesting presentation on various pre-requisites. ISA Global help its clients starting from building basic knowledge on country requirements to landing on country with potential job offer. I am currently at initial stage of the process and expecting their crucial inputs to make my dream accomplished.



The seminar was a valuable investment of time and I got the sound information about the immigration process.

Vipin Kumar

Very informative

Seminar was very informative and I can able to understand the process of searching jobs in Canada and Australia, And Hope for the best in further process...

Ragland John

PR for Canada

Immigration seminar was good. Helpful to think further about working abroad. I'm in touch with Harini, hope to get guidance throughout the process. Regards Ramya Devi

Ramya Devi


The face to face meeting happened at ISA Global, JP Nagar office after a fortnight of the seminar. The consultant explained each and every step involved in the process of getting the PR and the cost involved and helped in getting to know the right destination. Hope to get going with the process and gaining a PR at the earliest. The entire cost was broken into different slots but I still believe that it can be further broken down.


Seminar for PR

The Seminar was awesome, I have a clear head on what I need to do now . The seminar has cleared a lot of my doubts and I am Pretty positive about the complete Process now.


ISA Seminar feedback

Seminar was overall very good pointing out the current situation of employment in India and how will be the future. Sir has very well explain why immigration is necessary considering there will be very less no of chance to sustain till 60 years of working. Sir have covered the procedure for Immigration very well. It was nice experience with Him.


Canada PR

The seminar was very informative and helped me make an informed decision. An evaluation that was done on my profile post the seminar and the analysis provided by the firm regarding Canadian PR looks very realistic. Looking forward to working with the ISA team.



Seminar was very informative and cleared my many doubts and assumptions about the immigration. ISA team is also good.



Seminar was very informative and helped me to make my decision to acquire Canadian PR and we are in touch with Gaitri and she's been helpful in all aspects and expecting the same during the entire process.



Seminar is really playing a key role for the people who are in dicey situation. And unable to take any decision. Thanks to ISA for arranging such seminars.


PR for Cannada Senimar

The seminar was very informative , descriptive and cleared my doubts and assumptions. Assessment process is also good and helpful to me. It makes you clear about the chances to get the PR. Very good team and help is always available on all topics. Regards, Vipul Bulbule



The seminar was very informative and cleared many wrong assumptions which I had. Till attending the seminar I had only vague idea but after the seminar I made up my mind to give a try and make it happen with the guidance from ISA Global team. Got to learn from the speaker that investing in ourselves is also important.



An interactive seminar where the audience too was given an equal opportunity to express their concerns and doubts, which were addressed rightly by the Director.


Immigration Seminar Feedback

The Seminar was very good and Informative. The host Anurag was very interactive. He cleared all the doubts related to Immigration process. He gave answers to each and every questions asked as they should be (bitter but truth). I had never thought about investing in myself earlier. But now for sure I would go with it and I will try my best to achieve it.


Immigration Seminar, Pune

seminar is very informative and straight forward. Before coming to seminar I have done almost 4 months of R&D on this topic but not able to take any decision. After 3 hours of listening form Anurag and discussion on pros and cons I found myself in good space to start this exciting journey with ISA.


Immegration process

The immegration seminar conducted on 10-Aug-2019 is truely eye opener experience for me. I had lot of misbelief about the immegration concept in my mind before joining this seminar. Anurag Sir's detailed search report has broke many obstacle in my mind. His speech gave me lot of confidence to join the ISA global for getting PR visa.


Very informative and useful seminar

Very informative and useful seminar



Seminar was very informative.Lot of information have been given with current data.



Very informative. Thank you.



The seminar was very informative and cleared many wrong assumptions which I had. Till attending the seminar I had only vague idea but after the seminar I made up my mind to give a try and make it happen with the guidance from ISA Global team. Got to learn from the speaker that investing in ourselves is also important.


Feed back

Seminar was good and got a lot of information about immigration.


Very Genuine details provided

Seminar was highly motivated and informative. ISA having experienced team.

Vinay kumar


Hi Team, I had a very good interaction with Mr Prasad on my career guidance and the need also important to process for PR before carrying on further process. The session went really good and I am eager to process for the same without any delay.


Informative Seminar which was in clear terms. Liked the way how a few myths were busted by the presenter. Thanks.



Gaitri has been very helpful and informative.



seminar was quite interactive and gives clarity and open my mind again to take decision. I need few clarifications which i could not put in seminar due to shortage of time.Hope same would be answered by Ajitesh.


Orientation Process

Very organised, systematic approach-So far so good.



The seminar was very informative. Went with an open mind and decided to explore PR after hearing about the benefits of moving abroad.


Keenly willing to Move Abroad - Faster processing of Documentation

Dear ISA Team, I thank the team for imparting their valuable time in us, to motivate and encourage us to re-think and introspect ourselves, do we really will to move abroad. Many a times, people make decisions in hassle, that they want to go abroad, but actually do nothing to achieve that. Something similar was happening with me, as i have been willing to move abroad since long, but was neither able to evaluate myself nor my qualifications and documentation. Thanks to ISA, who is helping me out with every single question and every single doubt.


Canada PR

Hi, It was good experience . We have discussed most of the aspects and understood the process. He has good experience and knowledge about process We are moving further with process. Regards


Nice informative seminar

I got very good seminar by Mr abijeet,it is very informative



The seminar was quite organised and informative. Much interaction was not possible during the seminar but after it was over Abhijeet made sure that he responds to all our doubts.


Start Immediately

Hi, The seminar conducted in Chennai gave me a very good reasons to not postpone my plans for PR & abroad opportunities with no further delay. Fortunately many myths about the PR process were lighted. Thank you for the team. Looking forward. Thanks


Migration and Further Studies

The Session really helped me a lot in understanding the factor, feature and points to look before applying to a certain country. I am looking to pursue my education abroad and your session has really helped me in mapping the thing with reality. I would surely recommend my friends and colleagues for ISA. Thank you again for sharing knowledge across.



it was really great informative about immigration progress


ISA Overall experience so far

Really like the services provided by ISA Global as Immigration consultancy. ISA proves to be very professional in all aspects such as providing an great introduction on the process, clarifying all our queries on why immigration is a great choice in the initial seminar. Clarity of process and step by step guidelines on the services offered to customers in the orientation. Sharing useful & very effective materials for IELTS preparation and frequent follow-up to ensure we are following the guidelines seriously and learning from mistakes. This will instill great interest and confidence in the clients.


Feedback on Seminar

The seminar was really interesting and I got to know a lot of things which I did not know earlier such as the demographic profile of Canada vis-a-vis India. I am now looking forward to subsequent guidance from the ISA team. More specifically I am waiting for them to assess my profile and provide me with expert advice on the options available for me.



It was really knowledged session for everyone who likes to migrate either for study or work-related. Inline to that I am more interested in proceeding forward and utmost importance and guidance is required in clearing the IELTS exam with a good score. Hope this will be done in a smoother way.


Seminar Usefulness

The seminar on 20 July in Chennai was first-of-its-kind for me. I was literally swimming into a pool of information by Anurag sir for hours. It was an eye-opener and I have full confidence in this organization. Hoping to see a bigger smile in me in the days to come.

Ben Raja


Session was very informative and interactive. There were lot many things related to immigration process which were not known to me earlier. Job related scenario explanation for Canadian market somehow had given some relief since everyone planning for immigration to Canada has some fear of getting suitable opportunities. Overall experience was good and left a positive impression about the whole idea of immigration.It was a eye opener .



It was well organised seminar and was informative for me.


PR of Canada/Australia

The seminar was organised well and it was informative for me. I was expecting more on job hunting exercise, which I think is the most important part for immigration.


Good follow-up

It's been great so far, looking forward to giving my IELTS independently and then continuing the process. Cheers, Aradhye


For Feedack regarding Seminar

The Seminar was really good and informative and I am alos looking for ward for Evaluation process.


Eye-Opening Seminar | Average Counselling

To start with, I had little idea that immigration has so many sides to in and the seminar held 13th July in Noida helped me reevaluate and reconsider Immigration from a new perspective. Now, obviously I chose to be evaluated by folks at ISA. I am continuously in the process and almost completed with the workbook. I feel personal interaction could’ve been better provided they have charged us for the same. Looking forward to the evaluation report.


Seminar Feedback

Seminar content and presentation was good. Almost all doubts and qu8solved by Ajitesh Sir.


Immigration seminar

I attended the seminar on 13th july. The seminar was really helpful and informative for the people who are thinking to apply for the PR. Now my perspective towards immigration have really changed and many of my doubts got cleared in the seminar. Each and every process was clearly explained to the core. In my opinion a little overview of fee structure should be given in the seminar to have a little mind set on the expenses.

Mohammad Siraj

face to face discussion

I have met harini in the office on 18th july and she has explained me the process in a clear cut way and also helped me in clarifying the doubts and she is reachable to me when i required any assistance in the Canada PR process.


Feedback of seminar held on 13th July in Noida

Hi, This is regarding the seminar held on 13th July in Sector 27 of Noida. Mr Abhishek Birmani presented that seminar. This was good and valuable to me. I hope clients will continue to trust ISA. Regards, Vishal


Feedback on seminar held on 13th July 2019 - Fortune Inn, Noida

I found the seminar very informative, the speaker was fantastic and very precise with the talk. Time well spent.



It's good to have such wonderful guidance to achieve the things

mallu bhaskar


I had attended the seminar on 13th July 2019 at Pune . It was nice session conducted by ISA global. Received a lot of meaningful information regarding global immigration process for skilled professional. Seminar had delivered and touches all the topics that we are required to be focused when we actually go under the process with specific immigration.


Polite and excellent counseling

The counseling was good and all information provided are clear. Hope the same continues till the end.



Attended the was a eye opener.



The seminar was helpful in getting an overview/to set goal and I haSd made payment for initiating the process in couple of months time however I do not know if meanwhile there are few procedure/documents which I need to get ready with to initiate the process.


Feedback for Seminar at PHD Chamber, Delhi dated 07-07-2019

Dear ISA Team, I have attended the session on subject mentioned date & location. The session was handled very professionally from the senior management. It cleared lot of my doubts & concerns like :- a. Validity of PR. b. Financial planning. c. Securing future. (Health & education benefits) Another big concern was answered i.e. assistance in securing a job overseas. Once again a big thank you. Keep helping & educating the people. Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar

Immigration for Canada

I would like say thanks for giving me precious knowledge about immigration and facts. ISA team is very professional and working on legality.

Shani Kumar


It was a very useful seminar for me and for all the people who aspire to go abroad for work. A lot of my question were answered in the seminar, however a few doubts were not resolved that day due to shortage of time i am looking forward for getting those doubts resolved at your office through one on one session with the counselor available.



Seminar was a real eye- opener.process was well explained.understood the necessity of Immigration.

Rejil M R

Seminar Quality

The seminar conducted on 7th July, 2019 was a great platform to acquire knowledge on the immigration process for Canada and Australia. I am looking forward to avail your professional service to get the PR visa in Canada.



I have attended the seminar on 7th July, the seminar was good and it has cleared my existing doubts. Thanks for providing me the opportunity. Regards Himanshu


Canada-PR : initial process

Thanks to show me the directions for Canada-PR.


Feedback based on seminar attended on 7th July at PHD chamber, New Delhi

Session was very informative and interactive. There were lot many things related to immigration process which were not known to me earlier. Other monetary analysis for different expenses was also an eye opener for me. Job related scenario explanation for Canadian market somehow had given some relief since everyone planning for immigration to Canada has some fear of getting suitable opportunities. Overall experience was good and left a positive impression about the whole idea of immigration.


Good and Knowledgeous program

Very informative and nicely arranged program to make the new person progressive and prosperous with new chances in the world... As per their need and the country demands and conditions...

Dr. Deepak

feedback on seminar

the seminar is quite interesting and able to catch each and every point and i didn't feel that i have waste my time in attending this seminar.

muni kiran kumar

Orientation Feedback

step by step process were explained & merits & de-merits of each & every system was well elaborated, got a clarity of mindset which was not there before attending the seminar & confidence to proceed further.


Immigration Seminar and Profile Evaluation

Attending the Immigration Seminar has opened doors that I knew existed, but haven't bothered opening in all these years. Director spoke with clarity, perspective and purpose on why aspiring Indians must look at Canada and Australia as career destinations. A real eye-opener. Look forward to working with them on securing PR for Australia.



ISA was very professional in the way they handle things and are quite trustworthy.


Motivational seminar

I have attended seminar of Nalin Khanna sir in Mumbai and it has changed my perspective of migration to any other countries like Australia and Canada. I had initial fears and had many reservations which has been sorted out. Those issues are sorted. Seminar was very informative and doubts handled very well.


ISA global- a turning point

I had attended seminar at Mumbai very first time. It was very helpful and with lots of knowledge and information. That seminar made my day and strengthen my decision. I am eager to work with ISA Global further and wish to fulfill my wish. I really very thankful of team and leaders.



The seminar attended by me on 29.06.2019 in Hyderabad is very useful for me where i got interest to go abroad and work, very informative.


Fantastic Explonation

The seminar is awesome. Your directorhas got complete knowledge on each and every topic. He is a legend. I completely trust him



I have attended the seminar on 29th june 2019. It was helpful to me



Attending the seminar on 29th June was my first step towards the process. After the seminar, I could see for myself a clearer view on the immigration path.


Visa Processing

The seminar was very useful and the benefits are huge and it was actually an Eye opener for me on the assumption of my income in the next 20 years Vs what can i achieve if I decide to move to Canada and work upon getting the PR Visa. Appreciate ISA doing this and defining careers and it was great and I am looking forward to it. Thank & Regards, Piyush


First impression is the best impression

ISA Global Immigration is a trust worthy consultancy service. The seminar which I attended on 8th June 2019 in Bangalore, was definitely a wonderful opportunity for those who have plans of migrating to abroad countries. Now that I have enrolled for the process looking forward on the best service they could offer for their customers. Although I wish the process to be little more faster so far I'm having a great journey.

Kiran S

Query related to degree/transcripts

Dear Sir/Ma’am Greetings for the day! Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invite which helped in providing the right knowledge and guidance in how to proceed with PR. Having said that, I would like to speak to someone from your organisation in regards with degree/transcripts query. Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you Best Ankur Malhotra


Initial Process

I attended the seminar in Delhi. it was really an eye opening interaction related to the immigration process and the global job market. Everything was proven statistically not just with mere discussion. Post seminar details are also given timely including IELTS practice sets and books. Thanks to Ms. Tania for all the information. Looking forward for the one to one interaction.


Canada Immigration

Lot of insight have been given and build the understanding of whole process.



was good, informative, clear, to d point, effective, Helpful, useful Thanks

P Parekh

PR for Canada

it was pleasure attending the seminar at Hotel Residency, Andheri. lots of useful information regarding the immigration were explained in short span by Abhijeet sir.


Feedback pertaining to the seminar

I attended the seminar in Mumbai and it was one of the best informative seminars. It opened my mind on the current job market in India and how it could affect me in future. The team used in the current data and statistics to explain every single detail. Though it was a free seminar the knowledge provided was worth a million. Thanks to the ISA Global team.


Feedback on the Seminar and Evaluation Process

I had attended the seminar conducted by ISA Global Immigration and was really helpful to grab a basic idea and to make the right decision whether to immigrate or not. Thanks to Mr Anurag to spare his valuable time and explain the whole process in a very simple way. I am looking forward to have one to one discussion as soon as possible.


happy client

Nice experience till now


Feedback about seminar

I attended the seminar @ Marathalli and found very useful in understanding the current situation in India and other countries and how we should logically scale the current situation and future state in job market. It gave a different picture of how we should frame our mind while dealing with current financial system and job market in India.



It was a excellent seminar , I will contact your team in future .


Feedback about seminar

The seminar was really very thought provoking and it made me understand many unknown things related to immigration


Feed back regarding seminar

i attended the seminar and got very good info regarding the future aspect of life for emigration. I have worked abroad before but first time my eyes got open to know the present situation of Indian job market and the financial conditions. I foud info very positive and will be looking to take immigration very serious and as quick s possible.


Seminar with updates

The Seminar gave good amount of information about future prospects for being financially stable and how to prosper. Got clarified on all the doubts pertaining for immigration and provided a roadmap for achieving it, using a step by step process along with experts guidance.


PR- VIsa

> Seminar on 2nd June - at Hyderabad was very informative and encouraging. > Post seminar follow up was good. > Mrinal prompted all my queries and detail evaluation on my profile and scope for my job profile In Canada, and why should I choose Canada.

Mohammed Khaliq


Abhijeet has given an insight towards all the bright aspects as to why it is important to immigrate to various countries including CANADA.



The speaker was very good and professional. No ifs and buts,straight clarifications. Thank you for giving us opportunity to listen to us. One small break of 5 minutes just before the English test would have been Good, as I wrote very casually which would have been entirely different. Thank you and Regards, Looking forward to hear from you.


Very helpful

The seminar by Abhijeet was extremely insightful. I was delaying the process for PR for the longest time since I had a lot of apprehensions as to how to go about it. But thanks to Abhijeet and team for helping me out to initiate the process by giving me ample clarity re the groundwork. Not to forget, the follow up mails/calls from Ajitesh were very helpful and I had all my queries answered satisfactorily. 3 cheers for ISA.



Nita was very helpful and passionate.


Counseling post seminar

I have been in touch with Mrinal and he has been prompt and clear about all the queries I have had till now. He is approachable and prompt at responding back. Have clarified all my concerns and I am looking forward to IELTS test training to begin.



The Seminar Sessions taken by Abhijeet Virmani, was Excellent. I got most of the information which I was looking out for my queries regarding Immigration. I have visited or Talked atleast 10 immigration Consultant in Mumbai but none of them were able to solve my Queries. The Expertise and Knowledge they have is way above the Competition.


PR Visa to Canada

It was good session and interaction during counseling. I got answers for my questions. I missed to check about IELTS and job success stories of ISA clients.


Early Induction process

Sanket is very good guy and help me out with all the early Induction processes related to the program. He was helping hand in all the situations and resolved all the queries regarding the same .Thanks Sandesh.


related to avilability

This feedback goes till now journey handlers who are Mrinal, Jenim and Surbhi, Archana who have assisted me and always shown there availability and guided me through out whenever I have approached them. The Team is very co-operative and understands your problem very well to guide you further. Thank you and looking towards continuous support till the process circle gets completed.


PR for Canada

Dear Mrinal and ISA Team, Seminar I attended on 19th of May in Pune was really helpful in clarifying a number of things. And the best part was everything that was being explained was supported by facts from trusted sources. You guys are doing fantastic job and keep doing good work! Gagan.


Feedback for seminar attended

Hello Team ISA, Honestly, I was at the seminar to gage an overview of this immigration process. I was completely new about the information and statistics shared that has built a base for me. I really appreciate the structured process ISA have so that we know on what track are we following and not feel lost to what's gonna happen next. I appreciate the efforts put in by the Mr. Abhishek, the Joint Director to talk with us directly. It gives us to lay the confidence and trust on the company. Well, coming to joining the process, I understand there are around few months for Canadian elections, and need to speed up. But I'll be honest, I have to arrange for fees. I would had appreciate if an approx cost would had shared with us. Thanks team ISA.


Very Helpful Seminar

Very helpful seminar Thank you Abhijeet Sir


Required your guidance

I attended this seminar and it's very helpful for me Thank you ISA team


Looking forward to associate with you for further process.

Looking forward to associate with you for further process.



Seminar was awesome. One of Director of ISA took the seminar and he explained why immigration is needed. And i took assessment which provide information about country and necessary points to be get for immigration.


Counseling after Seminar

It was a nice experience till now...

Supratim Das

Canadian Pr

It was good and informative.


Seminar is excellent

Seminar was really informative and descriptive with all reasons to immigrate. Presentation done by the Director of ISA Global. Looking forward for further discussion and meetings.


Seminar was really good

Seminar was really good,the facts shared by Abhijit were really interesting and I am looking forward for further process.


PR for Canada

This session in gurgaon was really helpful to understand why to immigrate to Canada. With highly competitive work environment in India , one should look for countries where you have better and more opportunities. Canada is one such country .



Very Informative that gave an in depth understanding of why one should opt to immigrate



It was good seminar for immigration


PR Visa to Canada

I am satisfy with step by step process and regular updates. This is keeping in touch with all information and on track.



First level of interaction is very good. Since it's just the starting process it's too early for me to comment anything now


Re:Feedback on counselling

Hello Mrinal/ISA team, It was a pleasure meeting Mrinal Sharma at counselling session he cleared the process steps for obtaining PR,easy number of steps in financial payment without overburden and finally respect for the time frame. Thank and Regards, Raju



I have attended seminar, it was fabulous. Mr Anurag explained everything in depth . I will be at right position to give right feedback once i avail further services.



The Seminar was really helpful. The best thing is you guys provide data which is very transparent.


Canada PR

Dear Team, I am glad to attend the Training. Looking forward to associate with you for further process. Regards, Venky.



Seminar I attended on 5th of May in Noida was really helpful in clarifying a number of things. And the best part was everything that was being explained was supported by facts from trusted sources. Anurag Mehra sir, who is also one of the directors has immense knowledge and experience into this field. Everything was well explained and in a step-wise manner. And the best thing about him that came in the end was that he was more concerned about our decision, be it a yes or no, and not about convincing us to say only 'Yes'. Regarding the seminar, that's all I can say and for the further services, I'll provide the feedback once I avail them.


PR Visa for Canada

I consulted with Tania from ISA for PR Visa process for Canada. She explained me all the things in detail & cleared my all doubts. It was a good experience. I believe they will guide & help me throughout the process till I get PR Visa.


Feedback for seminar attend

Hi team, The ISA seminar that I attended was really helpful for me to understand the whole process that needs to be followed for successful immigration. Also, had lighted up the areas which were missed by me and needs to be considered for immigration process. Looking forward fr smooth handling of process with the team. Regards.


Attended the seminar on 05.05.2019

The seminar was a brief of the process how to proceed ahead for taking step for an immigration to Canada. At this stage, I want more counselling and answers to my some questions. Thereafter, I can process further. Regards Puneet Malhotra


Feedback regarding seminar

I have attended the seminar at Noida on 05 the May 2019. This feedback is for the seminar and post seminar updates.



I want to go Canada and I need assistance from isa regarding PR CANADA. I found isa professional and the seminar was really wonderful and i truly believe they will fulfill my expectations till i reach Canada with job in hand.


great help

She cleared all my doubts related to IELTS exam.Also for the writing tasks i had submitted she pointed out errors very easily! I need hell lot of improvements in my vocabulary and grammar as well. After her call i started reading books and would surely improve on essay and letter writing.



The seminar was very useful. Thanks ISA



The Seminar was good and informative it gave a good idea of immigration process. Looking forward to understand and complete the evaluation process for a PR visa. Hoping for a positive outcome.


Seminar and Evaluation

I have attended the Seminar on 04th of May in Hyderabad. Excellent Seminar describing the essentials and need of immigration. Opted for Evaluation process, getting updates on the next steps via emails and sms. Thanks a lot ISA for getting real time information .



the seminar is very informative and i appreciate Mr Anurag, for explain with great expertise, the way ISA is handling the clients is impressive


Went good

I attended seminar on last Saturday that went really good.


Seminar and Evaluation

We have attended immigration seminar. Got to know lots of valuable information about immigration. After Opted for Evaluation, Mrinal sending regular updates and very much satisfied with the process till now. Hope it will give us positive outcome.


Very informative

The seminar was very informative and given good idea on the process followed to get PR visas.


A good learning about immigration

Hi, My friend is doing Canada PR for herself and that's how I got into this whole immigration process. I started off with no idea about immigration and wanted to do Canada PR for me because she is doing it for her. Attending this seminar was really an eye opener because the director gave us so much insights about the immigration and how to take decision on PR and how to materialize our efforts in the end of the process. Director profile and the way he spoke itself is evident what they are capable of. Post seminar I moved to evaluation process which is in progress now. Hope everything will please me like seminar did. All the very best to the team.



The details was given in seminar was useful. I am waiting for your next stage of discussion .


Overall processe

I see a good traction in regular intervals. Would be great if you could provide me job assistance post PR.

Krishna Kumar

Feedback for Canada PR seminar

Hi ISA team, Team has active and very profession to handle the clients, I stepped into appling PR for Canada through ISA team. I got message and mail for each actions made. Thanks team

Venkateswaran A

Immigration Canada

Good and informative seminar


Feedback for the Immigration Seminar

The seminar was very informative and rational. It cleared almost all my doubts because of which i was confused earlier for proceeding with Canadian PR.


Canada PR Visa

Hello ISA Team, Abhishek, Sanket, During the course of the ISA seminar held in Mumbai, I learned more about the migration process to Canada and others. I've stepped into the ISA family & looking forward to attaining Canada PR with your help & assistance. Thank you, Sanket for being supportive and kind. Thank you, Abhishek for the elaborated & informative seminar. Warmest Regards, Anuj


good info

I met with Mrinal sharma , he explained well before meeting with him , he studied about my profile and he is telling about me and it was amazing this people are very professional



The Seminar was very helpful and full of information. As of now my experience with ISA is really good. I have found the ISA team very professional.



The session was informative and helped me to clear doubts regarding immigration.


Transparent and informative seminar

Certain misconceptions that we Indians have were covered and overall process of immigration was explained properly. Answers to most of our queries were given and am looking forward to taking their help in immigrating to Canada for job.



Everything is structured and done perfectly



It was excellent and it did influence me to migrate to other states for better lifestyles. The speaker was excelllent and constant follow up by the team members gives a sense of involvement of ISA team in us. Thank you for the opportunity.



The ISA people were really supportive and crystal clear on the complexities of PR visa related queries . I hope it continues and keeps supporting us by their transparent methods of counselling. Thanks,


Adequately designed and informative

I feel that the session was adequately designed and informative. It was really good to atleast enable someone to go for the process.

Chetan Chouhan

Very professional

Hello, I met Priyanka for the counseling and was having lot of questions related to myself , family which she has answered in depth! Firstly i thought it would be very short session but luckily it was pretty interactive and fruitful session! She cleared all my doubts right from process and location to look for job in Canada where one can sustain! Thanks Priyanka for your help and support! Regards, Dinesh Chavan



Tania has explained the process in details and also have answered queries.


Feedback about free seminar

It was very well organised and informative. Got many informative knowledge about jobs abroad. All the further process went smoothly and quick. My single suggestion for the free seminar is to give the participants an idea about the first paid registration in advance attending the seminar.



Very informative. Changed our perception about overseas working. Opted for Evaluation, everything will run smoothly. Tania Verma doing good job & sending regular updates and very much satisfied with the process till now.


Evaluation Process

We had a pleasant experience with Tania, ISA Global. She helped us understand the evaluation process better. Thank you so much.


Everything is clear

Everything is good by now counceling was good process has started staff is supportive and suggested whats good for us. Our process will take 10 months so right everything is great we are waiting for the time to pass.


Feed for Ajitesh

It was great meeting Ajitesh. He answered so many questions which I had in mind regarding the process for immigration to Canada. It have me positive vibes. Hope to continue this honest and transparent relationship till I get my PR.



Dear Team It was nice meeting you at your good office today. I got confidence after my first meet with Tania. I shall bring my application at the earliest to Isa.



Seminar was awesome. It was very informative and fact based. Looking forward for your guidance and support in forthcoming evaluation process . Thanks to the team of ISA


Gurgaon Seminar

The seminar hosted by Mr. Virmani was crisp, informative and touched upon many questions that we might ask ourselves a few years from now and unfortunately might not have the answers to. The idea of why it's going to be a neccesity and not a choice to immigrate to the quieter portions of the world is something everyone should ponder upon. I was enamoured and quite impressed only to come back home and think about it over and over again. Thank you. - Deep


Saturday Seminar

Excellent Abhijeet, Happy to share the experience of Saturday seminar, Shape the future india 2050 . Glad to know all the research behind the preseanttion. Thanks Mate

Birbal Singh

Canada PR

Seminar was awesome. It was an eye opener for me who thinks I am ok what I have right now. No planning for future but this seminar changed my way of thinking. Thanks


Immigration Information

It was a lovely seminar, to the point, backed with facts. By the end of the seminar, you will have more clarity on the further steps.


Feedback on Seminar

It was good and crispy. Knowledgeable and yes definitely clear approach..


Canada Immigration

Professional Guidance I have attended the seminar and then opted for evaluation.ISA team and Ajitesh has throughout provided me with insight . Excellent professional.


Professional Guidance

I have attended the seminar and then opted for evaluation.ISA team and Ajitesh has throughout provided me with insight . Excellent professional.


Evaluation Process

Ms. Tania Verma has been coordinating & following up with us on every stage of the process till date. I really appreciate all her efforts in helping us. Look forward for the same through out the process till the end .. Thank you



The seminar was informative and good. Looking forward for your guidance and support in forthcoming evaluation process .Thanks to the team of ISA


In Detail Explanation

Hi Vijay here I want to Share my feedback related to Seminar It's a too good and in detail explanation related PR Process and Jobs


English test feedback

Sindhu Ma'am's feedback for all the test I took so far is really great and encouraging. Her approach for correcting, guiding and improving is really amazing and humble. Her way of communicating really fosters me for performing much better in coming tests. Thank you Sindhu Ma'am and ISA Team for co-operation. Abbas.


Immigration process

I am very much impressed with the seminar. I got very fresh information download about the immigration which stood beyond my expectations and in a realistic way. I am looking forward to meeting with them. Thanks to Mr Abhijeet Virmani.


Feedback on initial stages of discussion

Tania is very helpful for me till now, sharing all the Information accordingly with regular follow up. Really appreciate the efforts. Ashfaque


Feedback on Initial stages of discussions

Tania has been extremely patient and helpful with me so far. Special thanks to her.


Immigration to Canada

ISA Seminar was very good. It opened up eyes of individual about the scope & demand of skilled worker in Canada with great pay & other facilities. Also, they have good forecast about Canadian PR Process, as after Canadian election, PR visa may closed for 2 years. This information help to individual to plan for their PR visa for Canada.


Seminar for Imigration

I attended seminar held in Noida on 31/03/2019 which was led by Abhijeet. I must say below as below. 1. Message was very clear by him and all the attendees were engaged with him thru all the time. 2. He has shared all the possible reasons why to look for future for good opportunities. 3. He was not only theoretical but also he was also putting facts along with numbers.


Seminar feedback

Good seminar. Structured way of conveying and handling the entire process. So far so good.