In the present competitive scenario, excellence in customer service is the most important tool for sustained business growth. Customer complaints are part of the business life of any corporate entity. This is more so for service organizations where customer service and customer satisfaction should be the prime concern of any organization. We believe that providing prompt and efficient service is essential not only to attract new customers, but also to retain existing ones. This policy document aims at minimizing instances of customer complaints and grievances through proper service delivery and review mechanism and to ensure prompt redressal of customer complaints and grievances. The review mechanism should help in identifying shortcomings in service delivery. Our policy on grievance redressal follows the under noted principles:

  • Customers be treated fairly at all times.
  • Complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and on time.
  • Customers are fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints/grievances within the organization and their rights to alternative remedy, if they are not fully satisfied with the response of the company to their complaints.
  • The company will treat all complaints efficiently and fairly.
  • The company employees must work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the customer.

Internal mechanism to handle Customer complaints/ grievances

Operations Manager is responsible for the resolution of complaints/grievances in respect of customer’s service. She would be responsible for ensuring closure of all complaints received by the delivery team. It is her foremost duty to see that the complaint should be resolved completely to the customer’s satisfaction and if the customer is not satisfied, then s/he should be provided with alternate avenues to escalate the issue. If the Operations manager feels that it is not possible at her level to solve the problem the matter would be escalated to appropriate higher authority as laid down in the internal guidelines. The company would have in place a system driven escalation process, if the complaint remains unresolved beyond the turn around time at any particular stage. Complaint received should be analyzed from all possible angles. Specific turn around times would be set up for handling complaints and disposing them at all levels. Time frame for resolution of complaints would be documented for internal tracking and monitoring. Communication of company’s stand on any issue to the customer is a vital requirement. Complaints received which would require some time for examination of issues involved should invariably be acknowledged promptly.

Interaction with customers

The company recognizes that customer’s expectation/requirement/grievances can be better appreciated through personal interaction with customers by company’s staff. Periodic customer interaction will give a message to the customers that the company cares for them and values their feed back/suggestions for improvement in customer service. Many of the complaints arise on account of lack of awareness among customers about the company’s services and such interactions will help the customers appreciate the services better. As for the company, the feedback from customers would be valuable input for revising its services to meet customer requirements. The company would also facilitate for providing customer feedback on the company’s website.

Sensitizing operating staff on handling complaints

Staff should be made aware of the complaints handling and properly trained for handling complaints. We are dealing with people and hence difference of opinion and areas of friction can arise. It would be the responsibility of the senior management to ensure that internal machinery for handling complaints / grievances operates smoothly and efficiently at all levels.

Feedback from our clients...

Immigration Seminar feedback

Overall seminar was good & I got cleared my most of queries & doubts about immigration to Canada or Australia



The process is good and it helped me have a better perspective of the advantages of working abroad and having a better quality of living .



Seminar was really descriptive and very helpful for immigration processes.


Regarding Counselling

I do get daily responses from Gaitri regarding any blocker or query and it's been 3 days since the process has started and so far it was good. Would like to see how the process goes on regarding query resolution/ clarification in the upcoming 10 days.



that was a good and informative seminar



i was attended seminar sec week of NOV. It is very responsive counseling and orientation sessions for immigration seeking candidates


Seminar is Impressive

Seminar is impressed which has given most of the information and cleared most of my assumptions.


Startup process

Good explanation



Thanks for the whole seminar attended on 29/09/2019. First time i attended seminar for abroad jobs i come to know about work, responsibilities, rules and regulations. Counselling given by Abhijeet is excellent and explained all work process for Immigration, Visa, English Test, skill Assessment.



The seminar was good and got a lot of information about immigration. This helped me to take a step to move ahead



Seminar came out too be quiet relevant and informative. Before attending same there were many questions unanswered in my mind which i tried to resolve from net surfing and other resources.We were not able to get right answers therefore there was always ambiguity to take decisions. But we have made up our mind post this seminar.


Orientation Process

Very organised, systematic approach-So far so good.


Start Immediately

Hi, The seminar conducted in Chennai gave me a very good reasons to not postpone my plans for PR & abroad opportunities with no further delay. Fortunately many myths about the PR process were lighted. Thank you for the team. Looking forward. Thanks


Immigration seminar

I attended the seminar on 13th july. The seminar was really helpful and informative for the people who are thinking to apply for the PR. Now my perspective towards immigration have really changed and many of my doubts got cleared in the seminar. Each and every process was clearly explained to the core. In my opinion a little overview of fee structure should be given in the seminar to have a little mind set on the expenses.

Mohammad Siraj


It was a very useful seminar for me and for all the people who aspire to go abroad for work. A lot of my question were answered in the seminar, however a few doubts were not resolved that day due to shortage of time i am looking forward for getting those doubts resolved at your office through one on one session with the counselor available.



Seminar was a real eye- opener.process was well explained.understood the necessity of Immigration.

Rejil M R

Looking forward to associate with you for further process.

Looking forward to associate with you for further process.



First level of interaction is very good. Since it's just the starting process it's too early for me to comment anything now


Feedback regarding seminar

I have attended the seminar at Noida on 05 the May 2019. This feedback is for the seminar and post seminar updates.


good info

I met with Mrinal sharma , he explained well before meeting with him , he studied about my profile and he is telling about me and it was amazing this people are very professional


Immigration Information

It was a lovely seminar, to the point, backed with facts. By the end of the seminar, you will have more clarity on the further steps.


Immigration to Canada

ISA Seminar was very good. It opened up eyes of individual about the scope & demand of skilled worker in Canada with great pay & other facilities. Also, they have good forecast about Canadian PR Process, as after Canadian election, PR visa may closed for 2 years. This information help to individual to plan for their PR visa for Canada.


Seminar feedback

Good seminar. Structured way of conveying and handling the entire process. So far so good.



It was a great seminar last week, good information was shared. Will be in touch with your team in case of need. The seminar timing is during lunch time, please plan either 2 hr earlier or one hour later. It's was planned 12 to 3..



It was indeed informative


Help to migrate to Canada...

hello sir/mam, seminar was great and very helpful....gr8 to be in contact with ISA.....



The seminar was very well articulated and presented with facts and figures. I really appreciate the professional scientific approach to break the ice in to granules to bring the success to the clients. Abhijeet and his team has really convinced every audian in the seminar. I really positive from seminar. But eagerly waiting on how things will go in future is figures crossed.


Excellent Seminar on Immigration and the process followed by ISA

Excellent Seminar on Immigration and it's services offered by ISA. It's will be good if we get the PPT in broucher format. Thank you


Excellent seminar conducted on 2nd of feb 19

Excellent seminar conducted on 2nd of feb 19



Seminar presented by Abhijeet was quite informative.



Counsling was very good.I am looking forward for quick process for entire process



Good seminar, proper follow-up on required information.


Immigration to Canada

It's very nice to connect with ISA.its get easy to contact concerned person..

Mohd Abdul

Good preparedness of the seminar conductor

Amazing seminar, very well prepared. Length being 3hrs if it can be reduced to 2hrs then it will be more comfort



The seminar was good.Mr.Abijit gave relevant information about the migration process.


Initial counseling

Going good so far. But not sure how specific is the counseling done wrt each customer.



It was nice meeting with Mr. Abhijeet He cleared almost all my doubts and made me understand everything about further process. Yes I wanted to choose ISA as my immigration Consultant. Satish Kurhade



Seminar by ISA Director on 1st December, 2018 was excellent, and Mr.Mrinal Sharma Sir explained the complete process of immigration and that too very clearly and easily understandable. I would like to Thank you Mr.Mrinal Sharma sir and their staff for inviting me to seminar and I have decided to go head with my immigration process.



I have got the necessary information from the seminar to proceed further.


Attended Seminar in Bangalore on 24 November 2018

Anurag was the host for the seminar and entire 2.5 hours was so informative that helped me somewhere to make my decision more strong. It gave a very clear picture of what will immigration help us and a lot many mis conceptions were eradicated. Thank you for Anurag for your time and Patience.



It was very detailed information share platform and most of topic covered in time

Ajeet Kumar


It was good and knowledgeable. Looking forward for assistance.


Informative seminar

Seminar was valuable and informative. Good insight and motivation is provided on the topics.



I really liked the seminar, however looking foward for a great overall experience from ISA Global


Feedback on Seminar

I would like to mention that the details provided in seminar was very helpful to clear various doubts related emmigration program of Canada... Overall Seminar is very well planned and arranged...


Really cooperative

Each and every questions, doubts, were answered at glance for obvious reason as they have analyse the profile of an individual. Just awaiting for all the information and consultancy for immigration process


Good overview of the mind orientation towards overseas opportunities

Fortunate to witness this wonderful seminar on migration opportunities. This not only cleared the air as to what are the challenges but also what tricks to possess to get this done well on time and other technical queries well shared. Regards


Seminar was very informative

Attended seminar in Pune. And it was very informative. Mr. Virmani was the speaker and he explained the topics clearly. It was good.



Very informative seminar on immigration by director ISA Global.


helpful counsellor

Thank you ISA and my counsellor Ms. Tania for answering all the queries and helping me to proceed the immigration process further.



Thanks a lot for guidance I got clear information and confidence buildup by sir Looking forward with ISA


Informative session

Speaker was very impressive.. Liked the information provided in the seminar.


Regarding immigration process.

Seminar was really good.It made me understand how eligible I am as I was completely unaware of the process.Pros and Cons of immigration were explained in detail. I am pleased to inform that attending this seminar was really worth my time.


Informative One

Liked the seminar process & clarity of information is conveyed properly. Constant input provision & data gives me clear understanding refuting the half doubted thoughts.


Seminar Immigration Canada

The seminar was superbly designed and the process is very smooth.. Wish you all the best


Feedback regarding seminar

The seminar has cleared all my doubts regarding the steps to be followed for PR process.


Seminar feedback

Seminar was really good and full of information



Seminar was very good and really knowledgeable.



The seminar was informative. I have to start the process now.



The Introductory seminar was superb & quite informative for applying immigration in various countries with latest update.


Seminar feedback

Seminar was quite good and Informative. Looking forward for more assistance



Seminar was good and got complete information on Canada PR, looking forward to enroll. Thanks Aneel

Aneel Kumar

Canada Immigration

Great Seminar, provided me with a great deal of clarity regarding immigration and the process further.


Seminar and presentation

Seminar presented was systematic and does highlight the benefits of Immigration. IPresenation was to make quick decision for individuals who are 50:50 chance of taking this big step of moving out.

Srinivas V

Really helpful

Seminar was really appreciated with esteemed knowledge for Pr process.I thanks to team members for handling seminar in a better way



The seminar was good and informative, came to know about immigration process and to which countries we can immigrate to depending upon our eligibility.



Good experience, I attended seminar and got to know many things regarding seminar where I never heard before.I hope it will help me in future for immigration procedure. Thanks Regards



The seminar was excellent. Thank you for it.

Sheikh Abdul


The seminar was fantastic and motivating.


Seminar on PR for Canada

The seminar was good and very much informative.

Vijay Hiraman

Canada PR Visa

Seminar was nice. After attending it i came to know many new things about immigration, and the reason why one should immigrate.



Have attended the seminar, quite informative from PR perspective. Rest yet to know them.


Feedback on Seminar

The seminar was good. It covered a lot of topics which increased my awareness.


More Information

I think more information should be given on skills required for process and jobs available for skills we posses


Orientation to global immigration.

Mind blowing seminar. At par excellence. Vast experience to immigration.



seminar was good. Hope to see the next operation for PR


ISA seminar 30 Jun 2018

It is a great seminar about how to approach immigration process and clear IELTS to get PR. Overall seminar was excellent. Thanks you ISA team.



The seminar was awesome, came to know a lot about immigration and the reason one should immigrate



The seminar was very helpful, and informative. Most of my doubts were cleared after attending the seminar. Hope to see the same service from the ISA team.



Good informative session



It was short, simple but effective. Offcourse there are lot of question which cant be answered in span of 3hrs, so i would suggest that Seminar should be followed by one on one discussion immediately so that decision making become quicker as many fears get answered post discussion.



The way the seminar was structured with all statistics and data made me clear on all my doubts. By which it has brought me to clear idea on what to be done next. Looking forward to further discussions. Thanks.



It was good experience and eye opener and i hope you will help us to achieve our goal..


PR Visa

It was good experience with ISA team and though its initial phase to judge and come to a apparent result. Hoping forward to work with ISA team.


ISA Global Immigration Seminar

The seminar was quite good. It has clarified most of the questions I was having related to working abroad, job opportunities, benefits, best countries to work for and PR process. Inshort the seminar gave me a clear picture and looking forward to it. Thanks ISA.



Counseling really help us .Looking forward for more assistance for future sessions .



It was good informative session. Can be a bit short. Overall it gives a general idea and helps in taking further decision on migration.


First meeting / counselling

Initially we dint had any knowledge about the process .It was a good understanding from unknown to known . My coach knows it all .


Canada migration

It was very informative. So many doubts related to migration has been resolved



Fruitful seminar. To the point


Seminar Feedback

Seminar was really helpful to undeestand entire process from end to end. ISA really help hard to achiev one's individuals goals. They attended all open questions and clear mind of individuals towards their aim. I am feelinh positive and ya definately looking forward to associate with ISA.



I attended the seminar and got an in depth idea about the process and above all learned about the benefits of immigrating. It was well explained with facts and figures.

Amit Kumar

Feedback on Seminar

It was an excellent seminar and it benefitted me in multiple ways. It gave me a lot of confidence and encouragement. Many thanks to the team!



Very good experience


About Immigration.

I got a lot of tips about Immigration and the process of immigration.


Canada PR

The seminar was very good. Good amount of information provided within the given amount of time.



Basic clarity provided about immigration and many aspects related to it. Thanks.


Feedback on Seminar

Seminar which I have attended was really helpful and got clear picture on immigration process as well as job related informations . Anurag speech in all aspects was really motivational and it tends all to look forward to proceed further


do we get jobs related to our experience

overall good, may be one and one session will help to clear my doubts.


FeedBack on seminar

HI One of the good seminar i had attended till now. The way of explanation of PR visa process and steps they fallowed is very good. Zero knowledge person can get a good percent of knowledge on pr visa process and selection of countries.


Seminar in Hyderabad

I really liked and understood the points shared in the seminar. Looking forward to put my understanding to action.


Seminar in Pune

Seminar is eye opener



Very nice information regarding the immigration process.



Nice Seminar


Immigration system

Overall, I found good in seminar. The seminar was informative. I came to know several things about immigration process. Hope will soon meet with the personal manager and will solve my queries, which I have.



Seminar was very informative. I learnt different aspects of immigration which was undoubtedly good. Thanks for the guidance



Seminar was good and informative. Catch-up you guys for further process.


About seminar

Very good seminar, information shared in seminar was very important to us


Immigration seminar

Seminar attended for immigration procedure, Canada PR, awesome experience



Seminar is very helpful. Helped us to understand the process in higher level. Looking forward to proceed with the visa process.



The seminar was informative, interactive and really motivational for the people thinking about Canada/Australia immigration.


Seminar Feedback

I have recently attended the seminar in Delhi which assisted me in clearing my doubts. Looking forward for PR visa process and jobs on shore. Regards, Aditya Malik


Looking for Canada PR with Best Team

Connected with Mrinal and has good experience so far.


Seminar was easy to understand and we have learnt even a little more about our ambition.

Effective seminar class that took our thoughts to the next step. Now we have clear understanding on few things about immigration process, choosing the right Country, right province and etc. Seminar was much helpful.

Mrs. Saranya

Immigration seminar in Chennai

Overall its very useful for beginners..



I am very much impressed with seminar .I had the good information


Informative session

I was eagerly looking for seminar like this. It helped me alot take decision.


Everything looks good.



Overall good experience


Seminar Feedback

The seminar was excellent and we got some useful inputs regarding the immigration process. Looking forward to satisfy my Canadian PR & Canadian job dreams with ISA Global. Sandeep



Attended the seminar on Saturday. Have firmed up my view on immigration, would like to know how and look forward to the support. regards, Sanaj


CV's Format

First of All thank you very much for the Seminar and I must say It was a Impressive session. Only one thing came into my mind that post seminar when you are asking for CV's from individuals as single or family you should provide a CV format which is good for you as well as for candidate. Because this will give you all information from all the candidates in the format and candidates will you the required information only as per your requirement to assess them. Thanks & Regards Sandeep



Dear concern, 1.Seminar was very good more than expected. 2. It is nice to have your hands to push me towards my goals. 3. I hope further process will also be as same level shown to me till now. 4. Specially I like your step by Step Process.




Seminar ISA

It was very eye opening for me. I am keen on starting the process for PR visa as quickly as possible.



Everything was precise and to the point.


Seminar was nice

It was good and interactive session overall.



I am happy with ISA Immigration team , as they promised that they will contact us regularly and they are doing it.



Thank you for a wonderful seminar, it was good on so many points. The testimonials you spoke of and watching and interacting with the different motivation peach helps everyone enormously. Your course was informative and interactive which gave us practice and examples of what it can do was most important.


Seminar 25th Feb Gurgaon

The seminar was very informative and looking forward to a great relationship with ISA



The seminar was quite informative however it should have touched upon the total expenses that a candidate would incur in the entire process.



Good interaction , The session was so informative.



Very interactive, Q&A helped to clear the doubts. Elaborated the process nicely.



Great opportunity to learn and understand the risks and benefits of going aboard.


Interactive Session

Very well said, very informative, clearly understood the PR procedure.



Absolutely informative. In a better place to make a decision.


Very informative

The session was good and informative about immigration process.


Well Explained

Well described the reason for looking to immigration.

Amit Kumar Gupta

Informative session

Got a clear picture for immigration.

Abhishek Mitra

Nice session

Nice session about the PR process and the requirements.


Very informative seminar

It was good seminar of quality information.

Rahuram Gopalkrishnan