Our services are initiated after the signing of the agreement which details the relationship between the applicant and the company. The agreement is generated after receipt of fees from the applicant and is dispatched to the address communicated by the applicant.

Each applicant is advised to study the agreement, sign each page and dispatch the agreement back to the company. The agreement contains the responsibilities of both the applicant and the company, the fees, refund clauses, declarations and other statutory clauses. This process can take up to a week. In case the applicant has any queries, he or she can contact our team before signing.

Once the agreement is received from the applicant, an orientation call is conducted and services start in complete earnest. A soft copy of the agreement is available on the document management system for the applicant. Important clauses of the agreement are also referred to in the mails sent by the documentation team.

The agreement tenure has buffers and all services can be completed within the agreed timelines subject to applicant providing the company with appropriate documents. Each applicant is advised to continue to work in a disciplined manner on this important project throughout the duration of the agreement. In case of any personal issue the applicant has the option to put the agreement on hold for a short duration after taking consent from the company.

For any questions relating to the agreement, the applicant can write to our team at legal@isaglobal.in