Many a times, we are asked questions in terms of what are the critical success factors required to move abroad. Or what is the common theme in all applicants that move abroad? The common theme that we have seen across the years is simply this - hard work.

Moving abroad is a project like any other, and requires its share of hard work. Some applicants believe that once they engage a consultant, the hard work would be outsourced to the consultant. This is simply not true. The consultant can assist in speeding up the process, ensuring that knowledge transfer takes place, even ensuring that mistakes are avoided. However all applicants need to their bit to ensure that case moves smoothly.

This becomes especially important when it comes to document collection and English test preparation. Each applicant needs to submit copies of documents including passport, education documents, work experience documents, etc. These have to be arranged by the applicant and not by the consultant. In terms of the English test, the applicant needs to complete a lot of practice tests at home to get maximum advantage of the training sessions. If an applicant feels that interacting with the trainer for generic tips without doing practice tests would suffice, then they have not understood the test and its secret sauce.

The job hunting after PR also requires hard work. An applicant has to continuously network using social media. Here again the belief that money can be paid and jobs can be secured does not hold true. Remember the adage, the harder you work the luckier you get, does hold true here as well. Applicants need to work on their resumes, their interviewing skills as well as networking abilities.