Who conducts the IELTS test?

The test is conducted by British Council and IDP.

Is there a difference between British Council and IDP?

No a test can be taken from either body.

How often does the test take place?

The test takes place twice every month.

Can any professional take the test?

A valid passport is required to book the test.

When should I book the test?

ISA clients are advised to book the test date in discussion with our team.

What is the cost of the test?

The test cost is in the region of Rs 12,000. For the exact cost, please check websites of British Council and IDP.

What is the order in which the test sections need to be taken?

The Listening, Reading and Writing test happen on the main test day. The speaking test can happen 1-3 days before or after the main test date. On the main test date the first section to be taken is listening, followed by Reading and finally Writing. The test usually starts at 1 pm and test takers are advised to reach the venue at 11.30 am. Exact timings would be there in an email sent to all test takers.

How long are the test sections?

The Listening test is 40 minutes. The Reading and Writing test is 1 hour each. The speaking test is 15 minutes.

My test date is approaching but I don’t have my speaking date?

Speaking date is made available only 1 week before the main test date.

What should I carry to the test center?

Do carry your passport and stationary.

Can the test be postponed?

In certain cases, postponement is possible. Please check website of British Council or IDP to get details about the procedure.

Can I get my test scores rechecked?

Yes but it comes at a cost. Please check with our team in case you want to get your test scores rechecked.

Can I take the test multiple times?

Yes the test can be taken multiple times.