Many applicants believe that independent research and some pro-bono consultant assistance can get them the elusive visa of their dream country. Any applicant who truly believes that has misunderstood the depth and technical complexity of the process and is hence brimming with misplaced confidence.

Immigration law can be compared to the medical profession. It’s a technical area and requires years of learning. Even case officers learn new things on a daily basis and every case is unique. There is a lot of discretion involved in how the laws need to be interpreted. Every week, we meet a few applicants who believe they can use the internet to power through. Unfortunately this does not happen! Many start the process on their own and stumble at the first step itself.

Applicants who stumble usually either give up on the process or find themselves a consultant. Many applicants take the first approach and some take the second. Remember that any mistake in this process can be extremely costly and in many cases irreversible.

Applicants usually revert by asking - Isn’t it good if we do our own research? After all it’s our life and our future. We agree wholeheartedly that doing some research is a good idea, but research on what topics? Do necessary research on why you should start this important project. Try and understand the advantages of choosing one consultant over the other. However doing research on process is counter intuitive.

The best approach is to do research on select areas such as why and who. Then place trust in a consultant and listen to what they have to say. Remember the consultant is on your side.