After getting the PR, the next challenge that most applicants face is getting an appropriate job in the new country. Most applicants make many mistakes in the job hunting process (even in India!) and they are also not familiar with the requirements and work culture of the new country. Hence they find the process quite daunting.

However, if one follows a logical approach and puts in the necessary hard work, getting a job in countries like Canada and Australia is not that difficult. These countries offer a lot of flexibility to new immigrants by giving them three to five years time to find appropriate jobs and transition to the new environment. Most applicants can use this flexibility to do the necessary homework while in India and schedule interviews on their first visit to the new country. Hence there are several ways to mitigate the risks and reduce the investments required in transition to the new country.

For applicants who choose to take our assistance in this process after getting the PR visa, ISA provides guidance and mentoring so that the efforts of the applicants are made in the right direction and they can avoid the pitfalls that most people face. ISA mentors can guide in the following ways - how to use social networking for identifying opportunities and networking with headhunters and employers, what is the right approach while networking, how to customize resume and cover letters to the needs and cultural requirements of the new country, provide guidance as well as feedback on interviews etc.

If you are an existing client of ISA and have got your PR visa, you can contact our team for more details of how ISA can help. You will need to sign a separate agreement for this and our team can provide you details of the options with different level of investments.

Remember that hard work is essential and you will succeed only if you are willing to put in the efforts required in this process!

Please note: We are not a recruiting agent and do not recruit candidates on behalf of any employer or represent any employer for recruitment purposes. We do not issue any advertisement or enter into any agreement with any individual for the purpose of recruitment outside India.