Most Indians have studied their entire life by picking up books two days before the test, studying two nights without sleep and then taking the tests. Since many Indian tests require rote learning, this strategy has often worked and given results. Unfortunately this strategy does not work with the English tests since these require practice and not rote learning.

The other strategy that many applicants follow is to study directly from the internet. YouTube is used as a substitute teacher and applicants prefer to watch free videos on the internet. The problem with this approach is that many videos are outdated and actually not as per current test format. Tests are changing frequently in the internet era and learning videos are not able to keep pace with the change in the test syllabus.

Few applicants also prefer to take up training classes but do not take the trouble to enquire about test results of the institute. Most institutes hire sub-par trainers who have either not taken the English tests or have taken it but not scored well. Such trainers are unfortunately not able to assist applicants get required scores in the tests. Most good trainers with high scores are immigrating themselves and hence there is always a dearth of good trainers in the market.

The right approach is to work hard and to practice every week. The applicant should share test results with a pre-appointed trainer who can further share tips and suggest improvements to the applicant. This process should run for a few months and then the applicant should take the actual tests.