Every week many potential clients come into their office and postpone the start for another day, week or month. Our internal data shows that clients who postpone usually do one of two things. They either start on their own or abandon the process altogether at a later date. The first option has been covered in our section on independent research and does not lead to a happy ending. The second option is unfortunate because the process does not start itself.

Why do applicants postpone? The answer lies in the fact that immigration as a project is important but not urgent. Humans tend to prioritize on things that are urgent and not on things that are important. Steven Covey in his best-selling book has presented a quadrant of important and urgent. Quadrant II activities are those that are important but not classified as urgent, and these are usually ignored or postponed till it is too late. How can immigration not be urgent?

In an uncertain world where immigration laws can change suddenly, it is important to do this quickly. Also most merit based immigration programs deduct points as age increases. Despite the innovations, humans cannot control time and with every passing birthdate the application becomes weaker. There comes a time when the application cannot be taken up since it’s not good enough.

We understand that an investment causes anxiety but immigration has certain advantages. Firstly the amount of money involved is small compared to investing in real estate or full time education. Secondly you are in control of the investment. Unlike investment in stock markets or real estate, here the applicant is in control of their destiny through their hard work and resilience. If you are hard-working and tough, you have a lot going for you. Postponing is the easier option – it requires you to do nothing. In life, the easier options are usually not the best ones.