One of the reasons that many applicants are keen to move abroad to countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand is social security. Social security is available in case of education, health, old age and unemployment.

The reason that some developed countries are able to provide social security is because of smaller population. Countries like Canada and Australia have comparable economies but significantly lower population. As a result their governments are able to provide social security to all citizens as well as permanent residence holders. The security is also extended to spouse and children.

In terms of education, the governments provide free school education and subsidized higher education. Governments also provide complete health security for the nuclear family. In addition the government provides pension upon retirement and an allowance in case of unemployment.

These facilities are not available in India for most middle class families and as a result migration can help reduce the financial burden of a family significantly.

These programs are subject to change from time to time. For more details on social security, please check with our counselors.