Studying in an international country is definitely one of the potential ways to immigrate. It is however also a very expensive route and hence not supported by ISA as a matter of principle.

Study abroad requires a family to take a loan in most cases and puts a huge financial strain on the candidate and the extended family. Why undertake an expensive route when a cheaper, faster and direct route is possible?

To all those evaluating the student visa consider the fact that a candidate requires only one year work experience to be eligible for a permanent residence visa. It would take a candidate far longer to complete their education and would cost upwards of Rs 30 lacs. Also imagine the pressure a candidate would have when sitting for campus placements in an international country. What if the candidate is not able to secure a job? The candidate would need to return back with the student loan still hanging like a sword. It could take candidates a decade or more to repay the loan.

Many candidates considering student visas are not even aware of a cheaper and more direct route offered by permanent residency. In fact when candidates dive deeper and understand the cost differences many move away from the student visa. Also remember that a candidate can always secure a permanent residency visa, land into a foreign country and straight enroll themselves in a college for an education. The only difference would be that the candidate would be on a PR visa and not a student visa. That’s not all - an Indian on a student visa would pay two or three times more for higher education than an Indian on a PR visa. This is because securing a PR visa means that the candidate is considered a domestic student and not an international student and the fee is accordingly much lower. A PR visa indicates that a candidate has an intention of long term stay in the country. As a result the country is able to invest on the candidate seeing a long term horizon. A candidate on a student visa is on a short term (1-2 year) visa and hence does not get the same treatment.