Many candidates wish to first get a job offer and then apply for a visa. Some candidates visit other consultants who mention to them the possibility of getting such job offers. Some candidates have read on the internet that some provinces only consider applications which are supported by a job offer.

ISA continues to maintain that securing the visa is the first step and then the candidate can initiate the job hunt. Candidates are hence often confused with respect to this contradiction on visa first or job first. There are some candidates who can indeed secure a job offer before a visa. Who are these people and why are they different?

Consider the case of a student from India who has moved abroad for further studies. Such a candidate would have taken a large student loan to fund their education as well as stay in a foreign country. On completion of education, the candidate would get the opportunity to sit for campus placements and secure a job.

In such a case the candidate could secure a job before a permanent residence visa since the candidate is already in the country and on a particular visa – the student visa. This candidate could later apply for a permanent residence visa with a job in hand. All this is made possible because the candidate decides to spend upwards of Rs 30 lakhs on international studies.

While such scenarios are possible, they are extremely expensive and not the most sought after of options. However when rules are made they need to consider all possibilities including ones that are rare. If you are interested in learning our opinion on the student visa, do read the relevant webpage.

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