Some applicants are keen to immigrate to European countries other than UK. There are information requests that ISA receives regularly for countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, etc. Certain countries in the European Union do provide a job seeker visa for a limited time period. Here are some pointers that clients need to be aware of:

  • Most European countries outside of UK do not speak the English language. Any applicant wanting to move to countries like Germany or France should have knowledge of the country’s first language. While this is not an eligibility criteria, our experience has shown that applicants who are not fluent in the language of a country do not do well professionally. They find it more difficult to find a job and even those who find a job find it difficult to progress because of language issues. ISA only takes up those applicants who have proficiency in the country’s first language.
  • Most visas in non-English Speaking countries are short term visas and provide a tenure of six months. In this period, if the applicant settles down, an extension can be sought for a longer visa. In our experience, Indian applicants prefer visas which offer a longer duration. A six month visa seems too short for most Indians to leave their settled employment in India and head out to an international country.
  • Since most visas in non-English Speaking countries are short term visas, they do not offer any social security as is done by countries offering permanent residency visas. Many applicants are looking for social security benefits which are not possible in short term visas.
  • Finally most visas in non-English Speaking countries are offered after a face to face interview with an embassy official.

Please note: We are not a recruiting agent and do not recruit candidates on behalf of any employer or represent any employer for recruitment purposes. We do not issue any advertisement or enter into any agreement with any individual for the purpose of recruitment outside India.