Are you a Baker or a Butcher? Or a Pastry-chef? Then you may have a chance to get work-permit to Australia


There is shortage of workers in Food trade business in Australia. The most severe of this shortage lies in the occupation of Baker. Pastry-cooks and butchers are also in good demand. So if you want to get a work permit to Australia and have skills in baking, pastry-cooking or butchering, then you may have a chance to get a work permit.

A few things need to be kept in mind here. Remuneration is relatively less, when compared to other occupations, in the food trade sector in Australia. Working conditions can be hard and working hours long. These factors also explain why Australia has continuously faced shortage of skilled workers in the food sector, in the past one decade. In 2015, only 63% of the vacancies advertised in this sector were able to be fulfilled.

The shortage of skilled food trade workers, such as bakers, is particularly acute in the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory (Canberra, the capital of Australia). Northern Territory is the interior region of Australia that consists of the large outback deserts.

Employers in the food sector in Australia need workers who are skilled and experienced. Major employers in this sector include hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and manufacturing units. Among the food sector employees, butchers currently earn the highest average wages, followed by chefs.

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If you want to enter Australia by first getting educated there then one of the training courses that you can opt for is that in food trade. This will substantially enhance your chances of getting employment there once you complete your graduation. Many Australian Universities offer graduate and post graduate courses in Food Trade and Food Sciences & Technology.

After working for a few years one can get permanent residence permit and finally citizenship. After one gets citizenship of Australia, one can start one’s own food business, such as a bakery.

This route of entering Australia may be a bit challenging but it is definitely worthwhile for those whose skills or interests lie in areas related to food and who want to live in a highly developed first world country like Australia. Australia, after all, offers some of the highest standards of living in the world.

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