Atlantic Provinces looking for workers

Atlantic Provinces looking for workers

The Atlantic Immigration Program or AIP was launched before two years and since then it has been successful in targeting international workers for Canadian jobs. The immigration program was aimed to attract international skilled workers who can be fit for Canadian jobs. This program covers four Atlantic Provinces: New Found land and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI or Prince Edward Island.

The Atlantic Immigration Program or AIP has proved to be successful in recruiting skilled foreign workers and immigrants who apply through AIP, successful applicants are paired with Canadian employer to take-up a full-time job in the province of Atlantic. The immigrants are supported and assisted by their employers in the settlement process in Canada. The AIP or Atlantic Immigration Program has proved to be a successful model in bringing immigrants to Canada and giving them 100% certainty of employment.

Finding employment can be a challenging task, but AIP has helped new immigrants to arrive in Canada with a job already lined up. This model should be adopted nationwide as it can be helpful to other provinces as well.

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