Canada discussing suspending entry of international students to Ontario

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On April 29, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in a view to take action for suspending foreign student travel to Ontario following a meeting with provinces.

“Premier Ford asked that we suspend the arrival of international students,” Trudeau said, “Because at this time Ontario is the only province requesting this, we are happy to work more narrowly with them. We will be reaching out to their officials today (April 30) to formalize that request.”

Later, the premier’s office stated that no formal request had been made to the federal government to stop foreign students from entering the province. Ontario Premier Doug Ford told reporters at a press conference that he pleaded with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take more actions to stop the spread of coronavirus. According to Ford, Land border crossers should be subjected to the same three-day hotel quarantine as air travellers.

Neither the provincial nor federal governments have stated when or how long the change will be in place. Entry into Canada is under the authority of the federal government. Any request from a province that affects international travel must be approved and enforced by the federal government in Ottawa.

 Travel limitations in Canada are usually waived for international students attending specific institutions. Whereas all non-essential travellers to Canada, must comply with the mandatory quarantine requirements and COVID-19 tests.

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