What to do if Express Entry Profile expires without ITA?


It is quite a painful truth that not everyone, who has applied for the Express Entry will get selected for the ITA or the Invitation to Apply. It means, that the candidates who do not meet the qualifying points in any of the draws in a year, will have to create a new Express Entry Profile next year. The validity of an Express entry profile is 1 year, from the date of your signing up. So, if your Profile doesn’t get selected in any of the draws in one year, you will have to make a new one, the next year. However, there is a message that appears on your profile that states that your profile has expired and that it is time to make a new profile. It is advisable to wait for the message.

Well, there are few more options for you in case your Express Entry Profile expires without the receiving the Invitation to Apply. We are here to help you to clear all your doubts and make you aware of the fact that there is still hope if your profile expired without the ITA. The idea is to make the necessary key enhancements in your profile so you can acquire more points on your CRS than last year.

The key changes that will enhance your Express Entry Profile could be:

  • The 1st step would be to enhance your current profile score by adding your current work experience (which has become 1 year more). This will be a vital change in your profile and will make a difference in terms of your Comprehensive Ranking System. Keep a screenshot of your older profile and notice the differences in the current profile. You will be able to make new changes if you have the older profile’s screenshot handy.
  • You can take an IELTS again and prepare thoroughly before the exam and try to score better than before. Making a great effort to increase your IELTS score will be beneficial for your overall ranking by additional points you got from your latest IELTS Score.
  • Add any additional certificate or diploma that you acquired in the last year.

You can add the credentials of your spouse or the common-law partner if you hadn’t done this last year or you got married in the last year. This will definitely enhance your CRS score.


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