In US, Indian STEM students account for 56% of total STEM-OPT authorizations

In US Indian STEM students account for 56 percent

Indian students in the US hailing from STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields overwhelmed the scene when it came to taking interest in the optional practical training (OPT) program, under which they can work in the United States once they get their degrees.

Indian students held 50507 (or 56 percent) of the aggregate STEM-OPT approvals in the fiscal year 2017. Chinese students with 24% of the aggregate STEM-OPT approvals, were next in line. Just a bunch of students from different countries had STEM-OPT approvals for the financial year Sept. 2017.

In the US, universal students are qualified for a year OPT. In any case, those with STEM degrees are qualified for a two year OPT authorizations. The predominance of Indian students having STEP-OPT approval is huge. Generally speaking, the number of students from China is about twofold compared to those from India.

These measurements are a piece of the informational indexes announced by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) a week ago. The information is drawn from the Student and Exchange guests, for example, research scholars. In order to boost more transparency, this new initiative is on way. Prominent organizations who hire STEM-OPT students were Amazon, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Integra Technologies and Facebook.

There has been an increased spotlight on STEM-OPT placements by the Trump organization. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the migration office, keeps on disapproving of courses of action that give ‘work for contract ‘and those where a bonafide representative relationship can’t be illustrated. In any case, there has been a helpful advancement in recent days.

Generally speaking, in total, almost 2.50 lakh or 16% of the aggregate worldwide students in the US were from India, putting it as the second biggest nation of origin, following China, amid 2017. Almost 46% of the universal students are drawn from India and China. Such information is for upgrading transparency about global students in the US, including where they are from and where they are studying, said an official report.

F visa is designated to universal students going to licensed educational establishments, M visa is a professional student visa and the J visa is all the more regularly known as exchange guest’s visa, is given for research aides. ICE in its report says there were 12.02 lakh dynamic F and M students in March 2018, about the portion of the F and M student population in the US hailed from either China or India (with 2.12 lakh students).

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