More than 35,000 novel immigrants were ushered by the IRCC in June

The month of June 2021 was when the COVID-19 pandemic raised new hells and despite this tormenting situation, the Maple country recorded one of its highest PR (permanent resident) incoming rates as per the data released by Marco Mendicino, Canadian Immigration Minister’s administrative office.

Officially announced to the public via a local media press release, Mendocino highlighted the fact that the authorities were hell-bent on following their prior commitment and bringing fruition to their goal of welcoming a whopping 401,000 fresh PRs into the country.

The Canadian Government disclosed via its latest Immigration Levels Plan spanning the time period between 2021 to 2023 this onboarding is scheduled to happen on a yearly basis with this year of 2021 as the point of kickstarting business. Before the hitting of the viral outbreak, this number was a mere figure of 341,000 immigrants.

As per statistics dating back to the prime period of 1913, this whopping amount of novel immigrants being welcomed into the territory happened just once during that time and hence has been verified and labeled to be quite an ambitious effort. The reason for it being so far-fetched of an idea before was the rupture caused by the First World War.

As per data released by Mendicino’s office, June’s PR incoming numbers reached a surprising and noteworthy 35,000. Data revealed to a few choice media sources shows the IRCC authorities responding through email messages giving updates on the target achieved just last month being 35,700, automatically denoting it to be a higher number compared to the nation’s cumulative figures ever since 2020.

Even though the nation kickstarted in a strong manner with onboarding of 24,680 novel immigrants, the rates were found to progressively decrease, with numbers recorded being 23,395 in February, 22,425 in March, 21,155 in April, and 17,100 in the month of May.

On an average basis when culminating the collective figures, one can easily pinpoint how the country has extended its arms to more than 140,000 novel PR immigrants within the preliminary 6 months of this year 2021. This indicates quite a slower pace adopted in order to meet the whopping promising figure of 401,000 by the time the year terminates.

To reach massive heights of this promise, it’s important that the country enumerates more than 258,000 freshers by the time the year starts ending, meaning an average figure of approximately 40,000 every month. Though this feat is a bit far-fetched to be accomplished, there is a slight chance of it coming true.

if we go back to pre-COVID times, the Maple country was well-accustomed to ushering in about 25,000 to 35,000 freshers every month. It has been dutifully noted that summer warm months call for an increased number of immigrants wishing to move towards Canada owing to the preferable conditions of the climate. This goes on right until the very beginning of the business and academic periods during the month of September.

The year 2019 witnessed weaker levels during the first half in comparison to the latter half of the year. This was recorded and discovered when about 180,000 freshers were welcomed during the time period between July to December. If we approximate that the nation will usher in a similar amount of immigrants during the second half of this year, it’s possible to have a culminating figure of more than 320,000 which still doesn’t meet the promised amount.

Not losing hope, there still exists a number of factors that could heavily influence the nation’s increase in incoming PR rates.

This is proven true by the fact that approximately more than 23,000 novel  Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) holders have recently become eligible to enter the Maple country ever since they’ve been freed from travel restrictions starting from the 21st of June. This also establishes an approval towards anyone who has freshly been the recipient of clearance towards PR.

On the other hand, the IRCC has implemented the beginning of six novel pathways catering towards PR within the nation and this could help boost the figures to about 90,000 novel international student graduates and essential employees. The IRCC singularly aims to finish application processing for about 40,000 of these applicants.

Another influential factor is the sheer pool of PRs from the domestic and local pool. Thanks to the top-notch priority given over the applicants from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) stream, the IRCC has broken many of its own records.

With a tremendous increase in draw sizes within batches, there has been a subsequent lowering in CRS cut-off scores. Owing to the statistic that reveals about 90% of these CEC candidates to be currently residing within the nation, it’ll be super easy for the IRCC to transfer them towards a PR status while the pandemic is still an ongoing event. This has been proven yet again with the whopping issuance of more than 100,000 Express Entry invites which easily surpassed double the rates of 2020. Massive amounts of these included in this count should be done with their PR applications by the end of the year 2021.

The Minister’s Office has been especially appreciating the capacity of the Canadian IRCC to have the ability to complete application processing and finalization of the verdict count in order to meet its designated targets.

There of course lie a couple of risks that could hamper this process. Namely, we have the volatility of the COVID-19 scenario, a higher number of positive cases as well as the imposition of travel restrictions, delaying of COPR holders’ application process which could worsen these rates. This is primarily why the IRCC is hell-bent on communicating with those COPR applicants with expired documents to get clarity as soon as possible.

Keeping all these factors aside, within the next coming months, immigration levels for the Maple country should be on a steady rise. With an increasing chance of monthly immigration record rates hitting newfound heights, this could be thanks to the combined effect of more newcomers and applicants within the nation finishing up their landings.

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